Hello there and welcome

Hello there! welcome to this blog dedicated to custom roms of xperia x10 mini, mini pro and  xperia x8. In this blog you find the updates of status of the development, how to install it and how to fix issues you face on installing custom roms. Currently, I’m only including the cyanogen mod rom as it is the most stable on out there. I will only include custom rom that is stable and in which most of the basic features is available.

The purpose of this blog is to allow users easy access to up to date news on the development, easy way to install and fix issues they found on the  process. And the second and most important purpose of this blog is to help clean up the DEV THREADS! Too many people has been complaining or asking the same things over and over again in the dev threads. It is polluted by irrelevant things and I don’t think the devs would like that. So right now, divert all comments to this blog on its respective sections :

Installation guide : Comment there if have trouble installing and the fixes is not on the post already.

Common issues     : Bugs and issues and fixes will be post there and only comment when you have issues that is not on the post.

Bricked   : If by chance you killed(software speaking) your phone, this post will help you get back on your feet.

Please state the type of your phone in your comment and the custom rom you are currently running.

What I will do with your comments?

Simple, I’m going to read it through and if I found new bugs or issues, I’ll inform the devs myself and if I find there’s double post or someone already post the same question, I will just ignore. This is so that the devs has more time in their hand.

I believe this blog will benefit us all if done correctly. So I’m asking you once again, bug off from the dev threads and migrate into here. Please if you appreciate their works,  give the devs space to work!

If you have tips about custom roms or even apps that is really useful for our phones, fee do to email me Devfrost44@gmail.com. But please beware if you sent too many useless and spam mails, you will be put on my spam folders.

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