Clearing misunderstanding, I’m not hijacking XDA

Since “the issues that daily sent by me to developer” system is being subject to be accused of hijacking XDA, and I start to think it’s not a good system afte all, i’m going to change the system a bit while still maintaining the true purpose of this blog.

The purpose of this blog is to clean up non dev comments or repeated complain about  the same bugs in the development threads, making the developer easier to do their job.

Here’s the things. If you don’t want to post issues here, then fine. But I suggest you check the common issues first before you post on the development threads. If the problem is listed on the common issues, then don’t post it again at the development threads as the devs already knew that. And when new fixes is up, I’ll update the post with fixes. So to be clear, I will not be conveying issues to the devs like I said earlier (unless the devs truly don’t know about it) but I will maintain this blog to prevent repeated posts about a problems on the developer threads.

I’m not hijacking the xda threads for more traffic! I created this blog to keep you guys under constant update of the development of custom rom on our phones while giving you guys the resources to solve the commonly found problems so that you don’t have to clutter up the dev threads asking the same questions. This is all I have to say.

2 responses to “Clearing misunderstanding, I’m not hijacking XDA

  1. If the posts can be kept in condense, understandable (essential, but with all the required details, steps)form and updated(!) it can be quite a useful initiative.

    • Thx, I check all the xperia x10 mini, mini pro and x 8 every now and then everyday and update on the any new changes on the common issues.

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