Cyanogen 7 and future plan of the blog

Hello guys, I’m glad to see that people have stopped commenting on the dev threads and shift your view to here : D. Now in this post I’m going to talk about two things, cyanogen 7 possibility and future plan for the blog.

Cyanogen 7 is the sequel to cyanogen 6 which is based on android 2.3. It packs the goody of gingerbread with from the CRT screen off effect to better battery management and combined with the topping of cyanogen mod.

When we will be seeing it in the blog?
Hard to have an estimate. Both the xperia X 8 and xperia 10 mini pro already has an alpha. It still has bugs and far from ready for daily uses. And I’m sure the amazing nobodyAtall is working on the mini version. You can find the x8 and mini pro alpha version on the links below

Cyanogen 7 alpha for x8

Cyanogen 7 alpha for x10 mini pro

I will not include cyanogen 7 in this blog because in my opinion it is not release candidate yet. For me, RC mean that all the basic features of the phone is there and there’s little bugs. In other words, ready for daily use.

Future plan for my blog

1) complete guide line for first time reader like the first post but more detailed. Will be up and running in few hours

2) A more complete introduction section. I will post a complete review of the rom. And I need you guys to upload videos of the same review but on the X8 and mini. Just leave the links on the comment below. I will watch it and pick the best to be attached to the introduction cyanogen 6 page.

3) To this blog to help you guys find updates on the rom and for the dev to truly have a dev only things in their threads

4) A facebook page and twitter account for this blog. Will be up and running in few hours.

If you have something that you want me to add to this blog, just email me I’ll read and consider your proposal.

5 responses to “Cyanogen 7 and future plan of the blog

    • I’m sure nobodyAtall is working on it. And be assure, the xperia mini, mini pro and xperia x8 is quite similiar. The devs can takes parts (software speaking) from other devices rom for them (like mini and mini pro camera is the same etc) In other words, one device advance to gingerbread, others will automatically follow.

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