Tips on customizing your Xperia cyanogen (update : honeycomb theme and xperia arc launcher)

One of the best things about android is the ability to customize the phone to our liking. From the homescreens to the hardware behavior itself (if you have root access) Cyanogen team has brought the concept even further by offering  that a high level of customization with simple easy setting.

Now, I assume you have installed the cyanogen on your phone, right? It doesn’t matter whether you use the xperia x10 mini, mini pro or x8, the first stop of your journey will always be the same, the setting.

Go to setting. As you can see, it’s standard android setting but with one extra, the cyanogenmod setting. That’s the place you want to go if you are up for some customizing your phone features.

The one on the top is application setting. It’s not much here. It only features application moving and to pick the location of installment on the apps that you downloaded (external or internal)

The one below application setting is the input setting. This is where the fun get started. You can adjust haptic feedback tweaks. You can set haptic feedback for the keypad, long press etc to has its own setting. Try it yourself and find what kind of haptic feedback behavior suite you the best. Note that the changes here require reboot to work. It’s a quite nice addition but unless you’re somekind of haptic feedback maniac, I doubt you’re going to customize i a lot. Then there’s the lockscren option. Here you can actually customize the lockscreen. You can have the mute button to actually turn to phone to mute or just vibrate. You can even add additional two sliders on top of the unlock/sound sliders which allow you to go directly to call and messaging. Or if you want, you can just set no sliders at all ( you need to add unlock gesture to disable the sliders) Pretty neat, huh?

Okay, moving on to the next part of the tour. The performance setting. Actually this part of the setting I really urge you to stay away unless yo really know what it mean. Beside, end users like you guys don’t really care the performance setting. For you, it’s just a random stringed words.

The third part of the setting is the part of the sound setting.  What make this different than the stock android sound setting? Where this features the scenarios of the phone in normal, or when playing music. You can also set the quiet time period which feature a week schedule and time where you phone will go quiet all the way till the schedule end. This is a nice features for those of us who always forgot to silence our phone (although the option is always on our lockscreen)

The last option is the holy grail. In there you have so much to customize.

  1. Go to the LED notification command center where you can change color of any apps notification that uses the LED color.
  2. Able or disable power prompt when you long press the power button.
  3. Render effect, it render your screen to the color of your choosing. It’s not pretty but it will safe you battery. Use this only when desperate.
  4. Tweaking of automatic backlight
  5. Status bar, this is where you can choose to display the percentage of your battery in the status bar to the color of your clock and notification area.
  6. Tweaks extras, this is where to go if you want to change themes. For xperia mini pro, you can find additional themes just below the first post of the xda installation page. Mini, you got additional honeycomb, and x8… sorry, you got only the stocks black white, sense of cyanogen plus gingerbread.
  7. Of course, you can customize the power widget on your notification area.
  8. And you can enabled the 270 degree rotation which allow the orientation to be upside down. It’s a nice feature and is disabled by default. So the first time you install it, you have to enable it yourself.
  9. Then there’s bunch of stuff like text flowing, screen timeout delay or turned off delay.

A little extra : You can have flip to mute in the call setting.

There’s clearly a lot that you can do to customize in cyanogen. Make sure to go through all the possible setting to make your phone truly unique to your own. Have fun going beyond ordinary setting of android and into cyanogenmod setting.

Update : I got a honeycomb themes for cyanogen here, confirmed  installed on xperia mini pro

Update : I got the xperia arc launcher here . Confirmed working on xperia mini and mini pro. Not confirmed on x8

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