(Update : wi fi not working)Cyanogen 7 for mini and mini pro family updated to v3

Great news. Owain has made significant progress on securing gingerbread footing on xperia mini and mini pro. This cyanogen v3 come with android 2.3.3 which is the very latest firmware from google. Beside that, owain has also manage to fix :

1) USB mass storage mounting
2) Headphone detection
3) App install bug

That leave a few things not working.

1) LED flash
2) Ant+
3) Hardware keyboard light for xperia mini pro
4) Fm radio
5) wi fi update : due to miscommunication with owain, I post that wi fi work after first boot. No it’s not. Wi fi only work on the first boot and after that it don’t. Sorry about that.

As usual, you can find the instalation guide under custom rom, cyanogen 7. Keep up the good work owain94. I myself will be installing this in a few hours when I get out of school. I’ll be posting a video of hands on of the cyanogen 7. Just for the people who like to see cyanogen 7 in action but think the rom is not stable enough.

4 responses to “(Update : wi fi not working)Cyanogen 7 for mini and mini pro family updated to v3

  1. Divr, your blog is a truly good idea, keep up the good work! Btw, can somebody tell me what is ant+? Thanks!

    • Thx, Ant+ is a feature that allow you to connect to health monitor devices or others specialized health devices. Unless you’re a fitness freak, it’s really just useless.

  2. I’m sorry to bother you about this, but I truly can’t find the post you’re talking about. I think of the one, where the installation guide and the files for CM7 for the x10 mini family are.

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