(update)Cyanogen 7 progress report (mini and mini pro)

Good news xperia mini’s owners. Thanks to owain94, you got yourself the chance to taste gingerbread. You can install it using here. The cyanogen 7 page has been updated.

The cyanogen 7 for mini and mini pro has reach a stage where almost everything work. The status of the rom is :

  • The Work’s:
    • GSM
    • Audio
    • Video
    • Sensors
    • Gps
    • OpenGL
    • Lights
    • Camera
    • Bluetooth
    • Data
    • xRecovery
    • WiFi
  • Bugs:

Only a few bugs left. I got a feeling soon they’re going to earn their own spot as release candidate soon. Let’s get our finger crossed and praise  owain94 for his great work.


(Update) the common issues pages for cyanogen 7 xperia x10 mini and mini pro is up and running. Sadly, x8 is still not even near Release candidate yet. You can find it in the help-common issue cyanogen 7

12 responses to “(update)Cyanogen 7 progress report (mini and mini pro)

  1. Try…to…resist…ask….Q…..in…..Forum ;-)
    nice ROM, only “big” behavior ATM is the Keyboard. I think it will be fixed, but for now i need a T9 keyboard (german). In market i just found non-free keyboards, not ok for a temporarly solution. So if anyone know’s / has a good one pls. let me know ;-)

    • I think you need to post that in the forum but not the dev’s thread. Just the development threads under the guise of request.

  2. I found that wifi only works on 1st boot. It connects, downloads, everything. After reboot, it fails to start.

    Back to 2.2.1

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