Possible fix on the battery drain problem

Now, chances are when you have battery drain problem on your cyanogen 6 rom, you go to common issues and found the fix involve deleting a batterystat.bin. If that doesn’t work, I want you to try something else. parthabhatta claimed that his problem occur when he install the latest version on top of the previous version and go away when he did a full wipe. So what I want you (who has battery drain issues) to do is to back up using titanium back up, boot to xrecovery, do a full wipe and format data. Then do what you have to do and see if the battery life improve. Post your result in the comments.
Note : This is not comfirmed yet. Once it comfirmed, I’ll post it in the common issue. Right now, I’m just looking for volunteers.

2 responses to “Possible fix on the battery drain problem

  1. fwiw, i did factory reset as part of install procedure and never experienced this “battery drain issue”

  2. When i install the rom, i do factory reset with full wipe, and i think my x10mini pro have a much better battery time than the se 2.1 :-D

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