Cyanogen 6 for xperia mini updated to beta 1

Good news, nobodyAtall has updated the cyanogen 6 for mini owners. It’s now fly from the alpha stage status to beta stage status. This update will have these following fixes or additions

  1. MiniCM theme
  2. Video playback support for 3rd party apps
  3. Detect ext3/4 partitions and mount as such
  4. T9 for stock SE keyboard
  5. New Market version – 2.3.3
  6. Fixed ringtone loop
  7. Prelinks

It’s now one step closer to becoming a fully stable rom. Give a moment of applaud to NobobyAtall for his work. You know he deserved it.

Go to here for installation guide. Make sure you thanks him (not via comment, just click on the thanks button) and donate to him if you want for his hard work. Have a nice day.

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