A good reason why you should go Gingerbread

Xperia mini and mini pro got a pretty stable gingerbread already. They are working almost perfectly with the exception of LED flash, wi-fi, keyboard light and autofocus while X8 is still in its alpha stage. That means for most users, the cyanogen 7 is not yet ready to be boarded yet. But take this for consideration, by now you probably has know about the malicious apps released into the market recently and got more than 50.000 downloads. Google had taken a swift action against those malicious apps by removing them completely in the market and just now they had initiated a remote wipe of the apps on the users phones that downloaded the apps and remove the exploit. Seemed like a happy ending, right? Nope, the security holes that made the exploit possible is still there, in every android devices running 2.2 or below.

Yup  that’s right, the security holes is fixed in the latest android but not the version below it. Froyo and below still has the same security holes that enable those kind of exploit and nothing to stop it. Well it’s fine if you are downloading from the market which Google has now taking precaution to stop this from happening again but chances are that some of  you are installing apps directly from SD card, not the market. And that is kind of worrying as you can no longer completely trust the apk you got. The apps you install via others websites or even XDA can exploit your phone without you even knowing it, sending personal data over the web to the hacker. That’s a scary thoughts. But luckily for us (well, mostly mini and mini pro users) we got a pretty stable Gingerbread rom. The problem is whether you are willing to sacrifice a few features for security? I’m willing too. Plus I’m sure in a few days Owain will release an update that fixes all those issues.

This is the end of an era where you can install apps from anywhere without worrying about virus or malware. The end of an era that reading permission for the apps was enough security measure for us. The recent events have waken us up to be more cautious with our phones as our phones resemble more and more like our personal computer.

3 responses to “A good reason why you should go Gingerbread

    • Yes… can’t you just go to the installation page and see for yourself? Only wi fi, autofocus, led flash, keyboad backlight not working.

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