(Update)Cyanogen 6 xperia mini pro update

The xperia mini pro cyanogen 6 has been updated by not by owain94 (he’s busy with the whole honeycomb port). It’s from archflex who took owain94’s cyanogen 6 and add a few additional fixes and content :

– Everything up to 3.2.1 from owain
– Detect ext3/4 partitions and mount as such – from nobodyAtall (should be ok now)
– 2.3.3 market – from nobodyAtall, no forced closes (TESTED)
– Ubuntu fonts for readability (credits go to the original author)
– sysctl tweaks (by anon67)
– Tried to fixed the FM radio, but it’s a FC for me after the initial screen appears and bluetooth is switched on… – based on owain & nobodyAtall’s work
– put back ADW Launcher (as in 3.1)

Updat : Owain has managed to get his version up and running in 3.2.1b with similar fix and tweaks.

You can find installation here. Be sure to thanks both owain94 and archflex for this rom. You know that without them, you can’t enjoy froyo.

6 responses to “(Update)Cyanogen 6 xperia mini pro update

    • Because the features of gingerbread is not full yet. The wi fi, auto focus, keyboard lighting, led flash all not working. Froyo’s features are almost complete with little bugs. So many people choose cyanogen 6 until cyanogen 7 improve.

    • okay, hmm strange ,a lot of this problems that is fixed is non existent in my parts since 3.2. Third party video playback works fine. Market don’t force close and I can find angry bird etc. Then random bootscreen is working find for me too.

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