New video of cyanogen 7 is up

Sorry guys didn’t realize it till now, the video of cyanogen 7 is not as long as it supposed to be. It supposed to be 11 minutes, not 30 seconds. It seemed youtube has some kind of error with this video. As one of the reader commented ‘it’s too short” I thought he was referring to the 11 minutes mark as opposed to 14 minutes of cyanogen 6 video. Anyhow, here I present you the new video hand on of cyanogen 6 capped in 9 minutes. Enjoy.


Note : The theme can be changed via theme chooser. I’ve tried the blue theme and it changed the color of status bar and a few app drawer icons. And the overscroll highlight button changed from green to blue. It said that it don’t have enough files, just click okay and reboot to complete the change.

8 responses to “New video of cyanogen 7 is up

    • Huh? What problem? Clock? I use a clean slate stock android 2.3 launcher with only one widget for the video, the google search.

    • Oh you mean the clock/dock apps. That problem has always been there since cyanogen 6 in all devices (xperia mini, mini pro and x8)

    • If you back up your phone using xrecovery thenn you just have to restore. If not, then the same as when you killed my phone section. Juse pc companion or sony update service to reinstall your phone.

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