Cyanogen 7 (Gingerbread) for Xperia X8 hit RC2

Good news, after a long struggle, jerpelea has updated the cyanogen 7 for x8. It’s now roughly on par with the mini and mini pro. (yes that mean the wi fi is not working as well) In this version, jerpelea has  managed to get this into the x8

-video player
-data – fixed
-wired headset
-apps2sd (native with provided baseband and kernel)


camera – max resolution VGA (driver still needs some patches)
camera – no video recorder (faulty hardware encoder)
video – video streming is not working

As you can see there’s a few bugs about the camera. It’s stable and suitable for daily use but there will be drawbacks like the 3d is not fully working and thus games will lags. But if you the kind of person that don’t care about camera, games much, feel free to download it here. And don’t forget to thanks the dev for his hardwork.

PS : The common issue for this rom will be up and running soon.

3 responses to “Cyanogen 7 (Gingerbread) for Xperia X8 hit RC2

  1. depends on which digitizer you have, if you have cypress then yes, a fully working multi touch by AnDyX. usually for early birds x8 have synaptics so that means it’s fake pinch to zoom by Dx.

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