MultiTouch Mini Pro

First of all my name is Owain van Brakel also known as Owain94 from XDA Forums.

Divr gave me an author account on his blog and thanks for that.

I gonna tell you some more about MultiTouch capabilities on the X10 Mini Pro,

Recently i got found a way to unload the current driver from the phone memory.

and this way we can load a different driver in the phone memory all on the fly that means no need to reboot.

this is really great news for the community we got now the original driver sources made by Sony Ericsson we have an MultiTouch capable touchscreen and a way to load our custom driver…

so whats the problem then?

We need an custom driver we got everything except the driver but the great news about this when we got a custom made MultiTouch driver the Mini Pro will have MultiTouch

to avoid confusion MultiTouch is more then DualTouch so 3 fingers or more but ofcourse 2 fingers will also work

for know slade87 and i are working on this when we made some progress i will give you a update



We found out that the new “Sony Ericsson Xperia Play” also known as the PSP Phone has the same digitizer as our Mini Pro’s

Both phones are form Sony Ericsson so we hope we can port the drivers from the Play to our pro

only thing left IF! the drivers from Play will work is edit them to replace our drivers build them as a module not as driver and then insmod them on boot

10 responses to “MultiTouch Mini Pro

    • this is great news owain and slade87 ! I have been following this thread on XDA very closely and this is really a very very welcome news to the mini pro users :)

  1. hi Owain

    we all know that you are great man !
    i try to post and thank you (( many thank )) on XDa , but i couldn’t

    you did the great!!!!
    i searching your post every day , every hour , every minutes .

    please , how can i post on your comment on XDA !!1


    please help me owain

  2. Hello Owain…!
    Eh been watching some forums yours and it surprises somebody to me like you…
    so short age it has much mentality for these things.
    the truth that by means of the Internet and community XPERIA
    you are very going away to be known. Something would want cuestion … I have Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini X10 Pro
    Would want to have it customized with the Way Cyanogen 7
    as well as samples in some videos and images that you have there. You have some Tutorial Video? Or Tutorial written with images to make all the procedure? Step by step ?
    and links of unloading would thank for you Much… thus it could make some videos tutorial in Spanish and to leave your name of Rights of Author (Owain94)
    It seems to you?
    Hopefully you have a time and you help me with this…
    Thanks… beforehand
    Excuses by the Language… I translated of page Web.
    I am of Hispanic Speech =)
    Greetings from
    Bolivia – Santa Cruz

  3. hello my name is diego’m from mexico and I’m new to android and even more in cyanogen in your roms cyanogen6 tested and cyanogen 7 and an I liked this a lot of enthusiasm and would like multitouch me know when would be ready to leave my mail for me to stay informed and excuse my bad English

    • Just subscribe to this blog, or follow my tweeter feed. When new update regarding multitoich ready. You’ll know

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