Tips : How to completely back up your device

Now the fact that you are reading this blog mean that either you are considering installing custom rom or already install custom rom. But on the midst of joy of eating your share of Froyo and Gingerbread, some of us will accidentally tumbled and spill all those goodies into the floor. We often panicked when our phones freeze or bricked, thus destroying all of our precious data. There are many way to ensure our data is save even when our phone need to be reformat or reflash a new rom. I’m going to list all the methods from the broadest to the specific. Follow this advice and I assure you that you will not worry about data lost again.

1)Xrecovery back up

This is the broadest back up for our phones. When you back up this way, you will back up your entire software. And later on when you restore it via xrecovery too, the phone will be back at the state when you back up it with all data remain intact. This is a good way of back up but what if you’re installing a new software and you just want your apps and data restored? well then, it’s job for the second back up utility.

2)Titanium back up

Titanuim back up is a great root apps that allow you to back up apps on your phone alongside with data. There’s the free version and the paid version. With paid version has many features that enable easier restore than the free version. Titanium is great as it completely back up both apps and its data to your sd card or your dropbox account if you have one. You can use this to transfer your apps and its data between rom. Another great features is that schedule in the apps that allow you to set what days in the week that the apps will automatically back up your data at the time of your choosing (the default is set at 2 am). But still there’s one thing missing. To fully restore your message, you need to restore the system apps which is not the same across rom (Froyo and Gingerbread). So for that you need something else.

3)SMS back up

This one has many apps that do this deed for you. You have this that essensialy back up your SMS to Gmail. Or this that back up to your SD card. Or even a fully functional SMS replacement apps like Handcent or Go SMS has the back up features in the setting. Once you have the back up in place, you simply has to install the apps again when you are in a new rom which because of titanium back up should be a piece of cake and restore your data.

With this 3 layers of back up you will ensure that whenever your phone is bricked or when you transfer to new rom, your transition will be as smooth as possible with your data intact.  Hope this tip is helpful to you guys. Enjoy your Froyo and Gingerbread (if you have installed them of course, if not what are you waiting for).

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