(Update)Cyanogen 6 for xperia mini pro updated to 3.4

Well, the at last, another update befall on Owain’s cyanogen 6 rom. He had updated it to 3.4 bringing these goodies along :

  • NAND tweaks added
  • Made a normal slidercounter
  • Offile charging
  • Torch
  • New Market Update
  • FMRadio

Yes, the FMradio is working, thanks to Owain great work. Well then, if you want to update as soon as possible go here. Don’t forget to thanks Owain for his great work. Have a nice day.

Update : The first link seemed to have wi fi not working. Owain has provided a new version of rom under the same name. For those of you who has flash the rom, redownload and reflash again to acquire wi fi capability.

40 responses to “(Update)Cyanogen 6 for xperia mini pro updated to 3.4

  1. soooo…..
    ….how about that music battery drain thing? will we ever see that fixed? it’s one of the major issues, imho (to hell with FM radio as far as i’m concerned)

    • Hmm I have one theory, this rom kinda have a problem with apps in the background running wild (I’ll update the post later) maybe that what cause the battery drain, download autokiller optimizer from the market and use it. And data also drain your battery, so disable it or set it to 2g when listening to music

      • oh, bull.
        i can have the phone lying around ALL DAY updating TweetDeck and e-mails and whatnot, on 3G or WiFi of all things, and it lives and still has 25% juice left at night.

        on the other hand, once i put on my headphones and start some music, i get to 25% after four hours.

        my bet is that CM is not making use of the DSP to decode mp3’s, so the main CPU has to do it, can’t sleep and drains power.

        this “background apps running wild” theory sounds pretty far fetched – after all, that would be the app’s problem, not android’s, no? i mean, what exactly can a background app do to “run wild” (and not show up in battery stats)?

  2. The background apps running wild thing is still a theory like I said. It’s because I see some apps pop up out no where into the processes like dialers and others apps that I didn’t actually clicked (I’m excluding tweetdeck etc that I intentionally let run free) It’s not proven yet. If what you say is true about the dsp decoding the mp3, maybe Owain can help. Let him know in the installation thread.

  3. the background apps you are seeing aren’t actually apps that are “running” in classical sense – they were loaded at some point of time, did their thing, and android didn’t bother to delete them from memory. unless they’re bad apps, they aren’t doing anything at all.

    as to how they got there – many apps are registered on Intents such as “data connection acquired”, “system woke up”, “incoming message” and many others. the system will load the app, it will handle the event (in many cases that means doing nothing) and then it stays in memory in case something else interesting happens
    this way android is actually saving a lot of work: if something else does indeed happen, it doesn’t need to load the app again
    and if some other app that is active needs more memory, android can just delete the first app, because it knows that it’s not doing anything

    i would let them know, but i can’t post to dev threads :( guess i’ll have to leave ten of “me too” or “you’re awesome” comments somewhere in the non-dev section ;)

  4. Just scour through the general and theme section and comment thx on the theme thread.
    And yeah, but sometimes I felt my phone heat up even when I just doing a mild activity (browsing a single webpage) so since then I’m bit careful about the random apps. Anyway, I’ll see if autokiller optimizer actually help.

  5. Hi, this works like charm!
    i want to ask something,after installing this mod, i can’t install some files like Advance Task Killer, (Application Not Installed), am I missing something here?

  6. Is it all application or some? If some then it’s probably the one you get don’t support 2.2. If all then do a full wipe in xrecovery

  7. so I installed this rom today 1st time and I found out saaadly that there’s no option to switch to WCDMA only mode…. I live in a place where the 3G network is not so good:-(…..so I always use the WCDMA only mode to work with 3G…..but here it doesnt have that option. not so good!!:-(… even if I uncheck the ‘use 2G network only’, it doesnt connect to the 3G….:'(:'(

    and whenver I manualy search for networks….it doesnt show any network…it always says ‘there was an error while searching network’……….y????

    so I restored back my stock 2.1 and then try to search for networks……and it was there!! strange! isn’t it???

  8. @xhemun
    In the dialer, press *#*#4636#*#*. You will get to a menu, and if you press “About phone” (Top menu item), you will get to another menu where you can set WCDMA only.
    Good luck!

  9. I have flashed the 3.4 yeseterday, but I cannot find any FM Radio application. Am I blind, or what app should I use?

    • What? o_O hmm… it’s supposed to be there, fm radio. Maybe you should flash it again or just grab another radio apps from the market (if there is any)

      • I have tried to use it now, but I get Force Close every time I try to start it. Does it require a Screen LCD Density of 110? I have changed mine to 120, does it matter?

  10. Do a full wipe. If that doesn’t work, reflash the rom. And make sure you’re running the latest baseband.

  11. but i have read some where in the xda threads that we cant install angry bird. is it so??

    • Only for some people and if that happen, just. Full wipe. It that doesn’t work, they probably not in the newest baseband

  12. still have issues with wifi.. wifi get connected, but can’t get to market, twitter, facebook, even browser..(had installed the new links from owain.. not the first one)

    nice to know your blog divr.. i’m an indonesian too.. :D

  13. hey can u tell me that can i boot two roms simulatameously in mini pro ….:) and how can i do that??

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