Cyanogen 7 for mini and mini pro updated with anticipated wi fi fix

That’s right guys, Owain has done it. He had updated the cyanogen 7 for mini and mini pro with wi fi working. For all of you who are waiting day after day and night after night for this moment, rejoice, you can now have gingerbread with wi-fi topping. This version (v5) will bring this following fix


-New and better ramdisk

-Dirty keylight fix

Don’t forget to thanks owain for his great work. You can find the installation thread for mini here and mini pro here

43 responses to “Cyanogen 7 for mini and mini pro updated with anticipated wi fi fix

  1. stupid limit of 10 posts in dev threads :(
    What about the ability to play mp3 with hardware, as in the original sony rom. Does it work or eats all battery by playing mp3?

    • Hmm…you got to ask owain about that but my guess is no, I will try to see the battery drain level when playing music later on though

      • nice, it seems the only important bug so far. Please add bugs or todo and missing functionalities in your posts about roms

  2. why my camera is not working for take picture?
    not camcoder but camera photo?

    why?? :(

    • Hmm it should be working…are u sure u’re on the latest baseband? Try full wipe…and just so you know autofocus is not working.

      • udah di fullwipe gan, ane make flasher yg dri pejwan itu, kan baseband lama yahh?
        dipencet g bsa ngambil gambar gan..

        terpaksa skg ane trunin ke v4 :(

      • coba di reflash romnya….uhmm…ngapain mo kamera, tu autofocusnya gak kerja

    • Vignette does not work for me either. After full wipe + install. I’m using latest base band.
      Vignette starts, but only requgnizes 3MP. When I take a photo, screen is black and nothing is saved.

      • Wi fi don’t work on first boot, it will just reboot, then it work. And I have the same problem with the older version of vignette. Try the newest version.

      • I have the newset version installed, v. 2011.03.16.
        What version are you using? Can you use 5MP?

      • Oh, in the preview mode, you have to manually save it. Press the menu button and click save and close. If you just hit back then it will be deleted.

      • I know this, I have used Vignette for 4 months. The application stops at the black “Taking picture” screen. There, nothing happens.

      • To avoid a misunderstanding, when I write “you”, I mean it as a question aimed at you, Divr.

      • Yup I just tried it, it save without a hitch…. try reinstalling…and anyway, the autofocus is not working, it is not worth it to take pictures. If taking photography is that important better wait for next version.

      • Thanks for the information, reinstall already done, but no luck.
        I’ll keep an eye out for a new version.

  3. sorry, i use indonesian.. :P

    hemm, i am already use that in post 1, baseband old right?
    now I’m downgrade to v4 :(

    whether only happen to me?

  4. Hey guys looks exciting
    What happened to the flasher for new baseband link in the xda forum? My mini pro is on 015 and as I understand to have optimal results 006 is needed?
    Thank You

  5. Nice, i’ve been waiting for this. Thanks a lot owain.

    I noticed that the screen-off/on animation is not working

  6. divr, did you use the latest baseband for this ROM?

    i’m using the latest baseband SE.. 2.1.1.A.0.6, but the camera not working.. but everything worked fine except camera and no market include :confused

    i did a full wipe, but no luck..

    tried the latest baseband .504 , but app2sd not working.. damn!.. *sob*

      • i did that many times.. check, uncheck, and check again, and uncheck again.. >.<

        still no luck..

        *back to CM6.1*

      • Wait, did you try to move the application just once? I sometimes failed too but that’s only the first time or second, then it’s successfully moved

  7. yup, first time when i use CM7.. i think it had some problem like CM6 3.2.1 sometimes @first time try, app2sd can’t work.. so,i did many many times to try application move..

    but.. still no luck.. *sob*

    argh! i’d love this CM7 when i installed it to latest baseband.. everything work fine! but when i try camera app, it didn’t worked.. everything was crashed into a pieces..

  8. just wanna ask to you divr.. @xdaforum, owain was write “You need the new kernel and baseband!”

    the new kernel and baseband, it means SE newest firmware right? its 2.1.1.A.0.6? or SE had the newest one? or i’m too stupid to understand that? haha..

      • Judging from the people in the installation forum, yes but I still use the one owain provided

  9. could make a video explaining the step by step how to install the Xperia cyanogen 7 mini pro? I am layman in the subject but want to be updated! Even with the risks!

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