MIUI Alpha 0 for x8 released

Well it looks like x8 beat both mini and mini pro to get the infamous MIUI rom. MIUI rom is a custom rom that took elements from Iphone IOS and Androud, making it the best of both world. You can find more info in the tab custom rom/MIUI. This rom is the result of the great work of As-mario.

[*]FM Radio
[*]Camcoeder (Camera Illusion)
[*]APP2SD (native also)

Not working:

[*]Framework-res.apk (the original framework-res2 dont work so MIUI apps dont want to run but with this framework-res2 run ok but the apps are not working)

Yes, the main problem is MIUI apps are not working but don’t forget this rom is very early. You can find the installation thread Here

8 responses to “MIUI Alpha 0 for x8 released

    • Like I say it’s not worth it. Even if you got it pass boot screen, all the miui apps is not working. It is after all apha 0

    • There are some that managed to pass through boot screen but like I said the MIUI apps is not working at all so you’ll not be be greeted by a complete MIUI surrounding

  1. i just installed the zip file and guess what, i’m stuck at MIUI android boot screen.. =.= so are there any progress in this ROM? i would love to have a working MIUI ROM..

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