Cyanogen 6 for x8 updated to beta 2.1

Well this no a major update but an update nevertheless. This update will mainly include the semi dual touch mod for the x8. The full change log is

Offline charging indicator
“one-finger pinch zoom” March 24 (Original post) – Thacks to doixanh
Fixed detect ext3/4 partitions and mount as such

You can find the installation page here. Make sure to thanks the developer for the semi dual touch and this rom.

7 responses to “Cyanogen 6 for x8 updated to beta 2.1

  1. Divr , can u give me a link to download this ROM ? i want to try. but i don’t know where to get everything to download and how to install a zip into the X8… thanks for the help =)

    • That’s why there’s this blog, go to the instllation page for the links, and go to root and xrecovery for the tutorial

  2. Do I need to make any changes for my network provider as i am here in kenya and I do not know if my service provider supports android 2.2

      • Thanks man, It seems to be workin perfectly now that I have tried it out. I also heard that there is the Honeycomb version of this roms out. Is it true? If not, maybe when you decide to build a newer one, keep us appraised

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