Cyanogen 6 for xperia mini updated to 3.6

Yes, Owain just release another update. And mostly it’s because in the previous version the compass, livewallpaper and headphone jack detection is nott working but Owain put to work and release a fix for that. Now this rom is almost perfect. The changelog for this version is
[*]MIUI music
[*]High quality video recording
[*]headjack fixed wasn’t working in 3.5
[*]live walpapers also my mistake xD
[*]compass fixed for good now
[*]NAND tweaks for stability

I can’t try this right now as I’m writing this on my car with my phone running 3.5 but I will try it as soon as go home. But this sure looked great. Be sure to thanks Owain for his hard work. You can find the installation here.

5 responses to “Cyanogen 6 for xperia mini updated to 3.6

  1. you guys are just so amazing!!!
    its so pleasant to see all you guys do great stuff with so much dedication:):) keep the great work going:p

  2. Thx man! Everything is working fine… I have some reboot while i backed up my apps and settings, but it isnt important, coz after installations i dont have issues.

    Thx a lot

  3. first many thx to xda and
    i have a problem with lancher pro backup:
    error , Please make sure the SD card is available?

    card is available so any sugestions?

  4. help plzz???

    i am in CM6 v3.6, my music speaker has stopped working…it happened this morning(before also i was getting some problems). i can listen to music with the headphone…but the speaker is totally not working(even the ringtones i cant hear).
    does it has to do something with the rom or my hardware is gone???

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