X10 Bootloader finally cracked?

Well first of, I really really hope this wasn’t an April fool joke. If it is, it’s a cruel one from zdzihu. You can see it here.

Now what this mean really?

Bootloader is the thing that inside the phone that let it boot up. Usually it won’t accept any software other than Sony Ericsson’s signed to boot up. But a few months ago, the dev for various devices got a to work around it and deliver to us gingerbread and froyo but as it is build around the sony ericsson software and not using their own part, it’s been a pain in the ass. And if the bootloader is open, then the process of delivering a custom rom will become quicker and faster. And beside if the bootloader is open. And also this mean that the custom rom would be really custom rom and all tweak like overclocking (I don’t recommend it) will be enabled. Basically it made the dev’s job a hell easier than now. Just think till right now, all the custom rom that the dev delivered are being done with that restrain and now the restrain is gone!!

But that’s for x10, not mini, mini pro or x8?

Yes, but the bootloader for mini, mini pro and x8 should be similar to the x10 as since the bootloader came from Sony Ericsson 2010 line up.  All the dev got to do is maybe tweak the original exploit a bit and we good to go. I hope it’s that easy cause if it’s true, then this is a great news.

Okay, now I have a few theories I want to share.

1) It’s an April fool joke

If that’s the case, not cool!!!!!

2) Sony Ericsson leak this exploit?

Because this news came suspiciously a week after Sony Ericsson announce that the 2011’s xperia range will have open bootloader but the x10 families won’t because and I quote “technical and legal problem

3)It’s really a real exploit by zdzihu

If this is the case, great jobs to zdzihu. Thumbs up!!!

Anyway, what do you think regarding this matter?

7 responses to “X10 Bootloader finally cracked?

  1. it is not a leak it is not a april 1ste joke and it is a real bypass

    it is not cracked but bypassed

    bn4ry uploaded one of the alpha kernel with sources :)
    and Z helped bin4ry with that so i assume this kernel is based on that sources

    • randell davidson
      so does this mean that honeycomb will be up and running for x10, x10mini, x10 mini pro soon?? and you are owain?? i love ur skills man…freakin amazing keep it up

  2. so does this mean that honeycomb will be up and running for x10, x10mini, x10 mini pro soon??

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