Xperia cyanogen 7 updated

Yup, this time, Gingerbread for mini, mini pro and x8 is updated into a new version with mini and mini pro to v6 and x8 to V007. The change log for the mini :

  • Compass i hope?
  • tweaked the ramdisk even more
  • Ugly camera save bug
  • Phone layout
  • MIUI Music
  • MIUI Camera

For mini pro

  • Compass i hope?
  • tweaked the ramdisk even more
  • Ugly camera save bug

And the wi fi is working for the x8, adding to the things that’s working

-video player
-camera – limited to vga
-videocamera – set quality to low(30m)
-data – fixed
-wired headset
-apps2sd (native with provided baseband and kernel 015)
-audio & video streaming

Okay, don’t forget to thanks the developer for this. You  can find the installation here for mini pro and here for mini and here for x8. Enjoy.

13 responses to “Xperia cyanogen 7 updated

  1. Reporting after first use of the mod:

    -In four hours i experienced 1 random reboot
    -MIUI crash after some listening of random music (it seem like a crash for too much memory requested, an overload, it happened also on the SE build but after longer)
    -There is no autofocus so i installed goggles from the apk, is it possible to introduce native autofocus? (it’s a question not a request)
    -Skype crashes logging in(
    -What about the original layout of the phisical keybord, is it possible to use the original? I tried to download and install the files but i think i got (understood) something wrong

    • Autofocus and skype is a problem that persist from old version. And right now Owain is focusing on building a truly custom rom so that problem should be fixed in the future. Go to cyanogen 7 and find the link to find keyboard layout

  2. Thanks Divr, i’ll check better also forgot two things:

    -Bad quality calls (two in total, i’ll see in the future maybe i wasn’t covered well)
    -Compass doesn’t work (i hoped too)

  3. can someone tell me where to find the file for mini pro?? the link seems to be inactive

    • Sorry, I’ll fix it later, go to custom rom and cyanogen 7 and finf the link for mini pro for now

  4. what about playing mp3, does it drain your battery or does it use hardware decoders already?

  5. just install this but have a problem, i really have followed all steps to install like i have done in the past and went for a the reboot, now im at the screen were i touch the android to continue but the touch screen wont work no worries i thought ill just reinstall my last back up of stock firmware but i cant access xrecovery. any ideas?

    • oh and i cant get pc companion to detect my mini pro so i cant use that to re do the plain stock firmware

    • You install the weng update zip like you have mini pro but you install cyanogen for mini. Touchscreem will go haywire if you did this

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