A way to increase your SD card read performance

Okay, now if you are upgrading to 2.2 or 2.3, chances are that you use app2sd and sometimes it has laggy performance. Or even that when you pop up the gallery and pictures took times to load up. Well this can be solve using this thing. It basically increase the read cache that your phone could use and in result it increase the  read speed.

You can try it manually wich only last for one boot by using root explorer.


If you plan on running this test yourself, you can simply modify the value in this file, save, and test away. However, know that upon reboot, it will return to default unless you make it permanent.

I have test it myself and find my read speed has increase up to 3 times. I checked using sd tool from the market as you can see.

Note : Ignore the write speed. As far as I read this mod won’t affect your write speed and if you don’t get the result like I do it’s because I’m using a class 6 sd card that I buy for the hack app2sd. (Which is in vain because Owain release a working 2.2  a day after) and I’m using the 2024 cache mod.

Now I’ve checked by firing up the 3D gallery and oh my it’s fast. It only took a second to load up all the albums and when I open it and slide through the end, it rarely show a blank grey screen and when I open one of them, it don’t show a blank screen even for a second. That’s a huge improvement. You can find the tutorial here.

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