Xperia cyanogen 7 for xperia mini and mini pro updated to v8

It seemed Owain had been hard at work. He already updated the cyanogen 7 again. This time to v8. Sadly there’s no camera autofocus yet but it did fix weird glitches on the v 7.5. The complete changelog is :
V 8
[*]Moved sd speed fix to hw config for easier editing
[*]A lot of small bug fixes
[*]ext3 and ext4 sd partition support
[*][B][SIZE=”4″][COLOR=”Blue”]7.5 hotfix:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]
[*]Fixed MIUI apps crashes
[*]Selecting graphical glitch
[*]Lockscreen glitch

This rom is getting a lot of update lately and I have a feeling it’s gettong closer to a fully functional custom rom and it will thanks to the great Owain. You can find the installation here for mini pro and here for mini.

19 responses to “Xperia cyanogen 7 for xperia mini and mini pro updated to v8

  1. keep up the god work owain! i havta say im quickly becoming a HUGE fan, even groupy if u wanna call it that lol!. i wish u can give like programming classes to noobs like me. great work buddy!!

  2. After more than six attempts, the best i got it was been stuck on listening “droid” in loop…
    Used the flashtool to mount xrecovery to be sure, downloaded three times the zip to be sure it wasn’t corrupted tried to start from clean installation. On my phone it doesn’t work at all. Need some advice, please.

  3. I MADE IT!
    I tried again to install (install over install) and this time i made it. Not so sure about how, but i made it.

  4. New problem, in my network i have to input static ip, but now even if set it tries to get an ip from the access point. In v6 it worked fine.

    • What do you mean by static ip? My network just require me to set the apn name, username and password, the rest will arrange itslef

  5. Why i cant download the setting for internet,wap,mms from my service provider?
    By saying this, i cant connect to the internet via my service provider or even retrive my mms. Please help someone.

  6. I mean an assigned ip in the wi-fi (i meant home network sorry), it tries to ask for ip even if i told it the address it shoul use.

  7. Anyone know why i cant get/read/ the configuration msg(configuration for internet,mms,other) from my service provider?

  8. is it safe to install this Rom?? coz I hav read many are having serious problems installing the rom itself. I think its not so stable…

    • Only people who has problem post their comment for help. It’s usually because they got the wrong baseband
      There are 1400 views on this blog each day. Even assuming that half of them install them, the amount of the bad install is marginal. I’ve used this rom everyday and install it with new version on weekly basic, as long as you follow the installation guide, you will be fine. Beside, if something goes wrong with it software, it can be fix easily.

  9. hae there i am currently using ur custom mod cyanogen 6 in my xperia mini pro …it’s too cool to be expressed ….thinkin’n of using ur gingerbread version just awaiting for led flash and camera focus…..i think that u must include timescape as wall as media scapes in ur custom roms but be sure that it must support our reso…..that would be so cool….

  10. hey divr, i have just a little thing that id like to let you know about. im runing the v8 version on the x10 mini pro, and when i drag down the notification bar i cant drag it back up, havta use the back button to get out of that and its kinda annoying. then there’s a slightly bigger problem in that the phone randomly ejects the sd card and reboots on its own. thirdly and finally sometimes the wifi after using for about a half hour or so, it begins to power off on its own and that would be cool i could just power it back on, except that it never really powers off, it just stays there on a powering off loop. the only way to fix is to reboot again. you can lend me some advise here?

    • The first and second, look to common problem

      The third problem is new. I’ll test it with my mini pro

  11. Hy Divr!

    First, your work is great….
    I want this rom, but i need camera functions too. So my question is, when can you port the autofocus, hi-res cam and flash light?
    This version useing over clocking, it means you can unlock the x10 mini pro bootloader? :)

  12. hey divr i got a really nice game to run with this rom on x10 mini pro. gt racing hd. just wanted to share the news so that those interested would find out

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