Cyanogen 7 for Xperia mini pro updated to v11

Well slade87 has been hard at work. He’s been rewriting the source  code for cyanogen 7 to give the rom a better performance and right now he added a v11. He promised that this will be the last big rom download for a while unless he decided to rewrite the whole system again. That mean after this download, you will only get little download like hotfixes which already happen once. The change log is :


  • VPN Hotfix


  • 2D/3D Games/apps running smoother now
  • Angry Birds all of them working now
  • reworked some libs
  • overall performance boost (in benchmark just a bit) but you feel what i mean especially starting apps etc..
  • reworked almost everything to the point where everything seems very stable
  • should be last big rom to download next will be updates to this rom unless i change the entire system again 
  • Gmail finally fixed
  • notfication bar not perfect but better
  • libaudio revamped should lag less than before
  • libqueue revamped shouldn’t crash as often
Be sure to thanks slade87 for this awesome rom. And for those of you are wondering, no camera autofocus camera is not fixed yet. You can find the installation thread here.

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