Cyanogen 7 for Xperia mini pro updated and X8 CM7 Shakira

Well like I said before, Owain94 and Slade87 has been hard at work. The cyanogen 7 for xperia mini pro is updated to v12.1 and they have created a x8 version gingerbread shakira that is basically gingerbread being include fixs from the mini and mini pro. The change log for mini pro :


  • for the calling (when you call somebody it tells you to press menu button) issue not on touchsreen goto settings->Call Settings -> Force Touch Display
  • restored to compiled googleapps instead of CM7 prebuilt ones from cyanogen website 


  • updated cm7 sources and recompiled
  • tweaked ramdisk should boot a few seconds less than before
  • compiled in ldpi so everything should fit the screen
  • notfication bar seems to be fixed for the most part
  • included new compiled tun.ko in the hopes vpn will be more stable now
  • very few other bugfixes i dont remember anymore
You can find the installation here.
And for the x8
  • 2.0:
    • Fixed bootscreen
    • Much more stable
    • Updated cm7 sources and recompiled
    • Tweaked ramdisk should boot a few seconds less than before
    • Included new compiled tun.ko in the hopes vpn will be more stable now
    • Very few other bugfixes
    • CamCorder low quality (download videocam illusion to make videos)
  • 1.0:
    • VPN
    • 2D/3D Games/apps running smoother now
    • Angry Birds all of them working now
    • Reworked some libs
    • Overall performance boost (in benchmark just a bit) but you feel what i mean especially starting apps etc..
    • Notfication bar not perfect but better
    • Libaudio revamped should lag less than before
    • Libqueue revamped shouldn’t crash as often
    • Minor fix skype can be started and used after signing off it will crash entire system
    • Offline Charging
    • Recompiled with better Prelink Map
    • New copybits and gralloc
    • FM app working still need to integrate device
    • Overall 3D performance higher less lags (still present)
    • Google Talk added
    • some build.prop tweaks like for ARC timescape
    • fully recompiled sources merged from CM7 final and CM v8 Gigglebread (thanks owain)
    • wifi fix for 2,4 and 5 GHz removed for better support of 802.1x Enterprise networks (like in university)
    • Automatic Brightness for Display now works
    • Libaudio swapped again
    • Ril libs for GSM/HSDPA/3G renewed (should drop less connection of internet)
    • Updated overclock module supports setCPU now
    • Added Sony Ericsson stock keyboard thanks slade87
    • overclocking and undervolting for better performance and less battery consumption
    • Moved sd speed fix to hw config for easier editing
    • Fix event1 mistake in chargemon
    • A lot of small bug fixes
    • ext3 and ext4 sd partition support
    • Fixed MIUI apps crashes
    • Selecting graphical glitch
    • Lockscreen glitch
    • Fake dual touch module
    • Added bootanimation again
    • Bluetooth
    • WiFi N enabled
    • WiFi adhoc enabled
    • Call settings fixed
    • SD Speed fix
    • Overclocking preparations
    • Lots of minor bug fixes
    • Stability fixes
    • Compass
    • tweaked the ramdisk even more
    • Ugly camera save bug
    • Phone layout
    • MIUI Music
    • MIUI Camera
    • WiFi
    • New and better ramdisk
    • Dirty keylight fix
    • New lib folder
    • Sound fix
    • ANT+ debugging files
    • Sensors
    • Inital ringtone
    • Initial liblights implementation
    • Initial notification light implementation (green color)
    • Initial sensor source, light and proximity dont work for now
    • Akmd axes
    • Initial liblights implementation
    • Video and audio streaming
    • Headjack detection
    • USB Mass storage
    • Updated to 2.3.3
    • App install bug
    • Low sound fix
    • xRecovery
    • Data
You can find the installation here.

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