Xperia cyanogen 7 for xperia mini pro updated to v13

Well it seemed that the last update of cyanogen 7 for xperia mini pro has problems. And slade87 waste no time in providing a fix.


  • same as v12.0 but this time everything working that was screwed up before.
  • Setup wizard runs still twice and crashes like it used to
  • Market will crash first (maybe second time) after that its working (its updating itself) wait until reception bar on top is green and try again
  • Google mail (update thru market and it will work) or use the Gmail hotfix provided some in the thread 
If you want, there’s a gmail apk on this page. You can find the installation thread here.

13 responses to “Xperia cyanogen 7 for xperia mini pro updated to v13

  1. Well, after this versions still i can’t connect to my wifi network. The last to work was v6, since v7 i’m not able to set a static ip in my device, it tries to get an ip from the router like the parameters i set on “static ip” never existed. In fact it seems to me that it totally ignores the fact that i’ve checked the option…

  2. after installing the cyanogen 7 for xperia mini v13, it still shows as v11.0. Have i downloaded the wrong ROM? (I downloaded using the above given link)

  3. download the hotfix as well,
    you downloaded the right rom I just forgot to change the version number :)

  4. thanx for the awesome rom but i m expierencing some problems.
    i updated to v13 and applied hotfix, but now the led flash light is not working at all and camera quality is very poor. am i missing something? please help.

    • Nope, that’s gingerbread for you. The camera and LED light is not working. If you want a working one, use cyanogen 6

  5. i tried cyanogen 6, but it does not seems compatible. market crashes n reboots the phone, otherwise too, it keeps on rebooting itself. so i switched back to cyanogen 7 v13. it is same as before but i my keyboard keys are swapped. Y and Z have interchanged. Is it a mini pro gingerbread issue or is there some fix for this?

  6. sorry for the previous post. got a fix after little roaming..will try n let u guys know if it works.

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