Cyanogen 6 for xperia mini pro is now Final Release And cyanogen 7 for xperia mini updated

That’s right guys, one of the custom rom is finally done. What does this mean? It mean that this rom is final. There’s really no features or bug (known) anymore. Yes the reboot problem is gone. This also mean that Owain will not be working on this rom anymore and will focus his effort on other rom. He had also updated cyanogen 7 for mini to v10.  Clap your hand if you think that Owain is awesome.

Change log for cyanogen 6


  • Fixed reboot bug
  • aac audio recording for better sound quality when recording (Thanks to: wiilweer, TripN)
  • if you get audio/video sync problems when video recording, Use lgcamera from market
  • some small tweaks
  • screen closed is keyboard light off (Thanks to: D4rKn3sSyS)
You can find the installation thread here.
And cyanogen 7

  • CamCorder low quality (download videocam illusion to make videos)
  • very few other bugfixes i dont remeber anymore
  • included new compiled tun.ko
  • notfication bar seems to be fixed for the most part
  • compiled in ldpi so everything should fit the screen
  • tweaked ramdisk should boot a few seconds less than before
  • updated cm7 sources and recompiled
  • for the calling (when you call somebody it tells you to press menu button) issue not on touchsreen goto settings->Call Settings -> Force Touch Display
You can find the installation thread here.
Gingerbread for xperia x8 also seemed to be in the final version but Owain has not update the thread yet. If it come out, I will include it in a new post.

29 responses to “Cyanogen 6 for xperia mini pro is now Final Release And cyanogen 7 for xperia mini updated

  1. Wow !!! Awsome !!! Thanks for this information and thanks to Owain for his hard work..

    Updating !!!! (And waiting for Cyanogen 7)

  2. clap clap :$

    divr one thing in the post stand v10 for the mini pro but it is for the mini :P

    also someone need to test shakira version for me i don’t really have time for it now (:

  3. Sorry.. just got it.. BTW.. both “here” links point the same (cyanogen 6)..

    Thanks again…

  4. hey is the multi touch available in this rom??? i just assumed that since owain was workin on the final stages of that project and this is the final and most stabloe release of custom rom he’s released thus far that he would include multi touch capabilities in there too

      • the first time, i was searching the android market for an app, the second time was when i was restoring apps with titanium backup. the third time occurred while scanning my system with a new antivirus i installed(NQ mobile antivirus)

      • I too yesterday has two repeated reboot through the hour when I’m doing random stuff. I will experiment today

  5. hey i think i found the problem..whenever i’m using adhoc, and the screen dies, the phone reboots, other than that that i dont think i experience reboot.and that post with the android sucks thing was my annoying little sister, i left my laptop on in the livingroom unattended for about 15 mins :-/

  6. yeah after the last few hours observing, i can deduce that the adhoc is the culprit. each time i turn on the adhoc the phone reboots wen the screen sleep while the wifi is off though no such problems…..

    • Strange, I wasn’t doing anything with adhoc when my phone reboot. My guess is the overclock or rather with the mminimal value to low when operating. Still a guess

      • ok well i think you might be right, i uninstalled set cpu and i had no problem since….plus the quadrant still reads just above 1000 benchmark without it….u think its best to just forget about set cpu alltogether?? is there something wrong with the settings?/

    • ok so im wrong again, i uninstalled set cpu and the problem still persists, i had two random reboot in the past three hours doing random things……so set cpu doesnt seem to be the problem

      • Don’t uninstall setcpu, it’s not the problem
        see if the min clock speed is 122 mhz, try setting it to 248 and see if that fix the problem

  7. Hi Divr,

    Are the themes listed in the froyo rom for both that rom and the gingerbread rom also? Also, I would like to use the Honeycomb Theme but the annoying thing is the battery indicator in the top right of the status bar doesn’t have a number (of percent I’m guessing?) of battery life left for battery, in the icon. This is only what I see in the screenshots in the xda thread. I’m not sure if they are old and what I’ve said is now different or not? It would be really really nice to have that theme but for that battery icon to have a numbe in it like in either the HTC Hero Mix theme or the Lucid Froyo theme. :( Is there any possibility you could talk to a dev and get them to make this an option in the froyo rom, or for them to make one like I’ve described (the Honeycomb Theme but with a percent number in the battery icon) please? I would so much appreciate it :) Let me know please…


  8. Hello Guys ! Thks a lot ! Great but I have a strange issue with the Quadrant score,… I only get a 500 pts with the FINAL version. How many points do u get ? Thanks

    • maybe you got many background apps running? I got around 1000 but note that using quadrant advance (the paid one) show a higher value. I don’t know why.

  9. i have an odd problem after installing this final ROM ,while using opera mini.apk and when browsing/downloading when u leave it idle and it get locks, the net get disconnects and i get could not connect error. This is very annoying bug with which i cant download anything.
    Everything else stable….

    • Are u using wi fi? If yes, go to setting, wireless, wi fi advance setting and set wi fi sleep policy to never

      • no i am using gprs still it gets disconnected when the screen locks, can any one tell me solution

  10. Hey Owain, since I’m not a developer in the XDA forum and cannot post anything about this.. I hope you read this..

    Please reconsider your decision of leaving the development of the ROM..

    You should not pay attention to those people saying bad or annoying thing about you.

    You know that you can’t please everyone, so don’t bother, just don’t care about those guys, keep on working and helping us please.

    If you do leave, then you just be pleasing those guys telling bad things about you and hurting those who believe in your developer skills.


    @Divr: please approve this comment.

      • dude can you send me the link to the fuckin idots who ran the best fucking thing that ever happened to our phone out of here?? i’ll have their asses!! i looked on as this guy helped the mini users make their phone something to be proud of. hey owain i have a place for you in my company if you’re interested, your work here will be repaid….send me a link to the losers that’s giving this kind gentleman a hard time. please do so soon

    • Sorry by the way, it seemed I accidentally delete your comment. And if you do factory reser, it will stay on that custom rom. Do a factory reset and reboot. It should do the trick

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