Cyanogen 7 Shakira x8 updated

Good news, cyanogen 7 for x8 has been updated. This is a good day indeed. For the past few days, there have been a lot of fixes for cyanogen 7, mainly because it is now been written in final source code of cyanogen 7. And now the benefit of t he performance boast is tremendous. But there’s a rumor going around that the CRT animation is no longer working.


  • if u want overclocking just put x8oc.ko in /system/lib/modules no need to add insmod line somewhere it is already in the ramdisk (:
  • deleted overclockign need some more testing to be workign correctly
  • reverted some thing so it will give no problems on that parts
  • used new lib folder with files from each rom in here to get the best performance for now atleast xD
  • no more lag
  • much more stable
  • much less reboots

You can find the installation thread here.

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