New rom : Cyanogen 6 final source for xperia mini pro

Well Slade has been blazing fast in developing rom. He now created a cyanogen 6 rom based on Owain’s own cyanogen 6 but compiled with cyanogen final source code. The major different is that it will have a better openGL and it will be fast. How fast, I will tell you later on as I’m going to update. For the moment, the bugs is

  • FM Radio (needs some digging it sometimes works)
  • very few random reboots
  • ANT+ not yet but soon
You can find the installation thread here.

9 responses to “New rom : Cyanogen 6 final source for xperia mini pro

      • THE compass isnt working and also playing games with accelerometer isnt working…..any clue as to why this is so??

  1. hi i just tried to use this ROM but after reboot my phone only show the Sony Ericsson screen and doesn´t change, what can i do?

  2. hey guys! i got the same problems with my phone, also the camera isn´t working as always, and the pictures look very “different” also the keyboard doesn’t light up when it’s getting dark and the screen suddenly get darker and darker and there is a moment when it’s seem like the phone just turn off, and then i just push all the buttons and then it get back to the normal mode! sorry for my english :(

    • Keyboard light took a few second after sliding out to activate. Go to setting, display and disable automatic brightness

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