(Update 2.1)Xperia mini pro cyanogen 6 updated

Hey, remember slade’s new version of cyanogen 6 which is  based on the latest cm6 source code and have a few extra thing under its hood to make the performance better. Now there’s an update to v2. V2 will bring a stable rom and ready for daily use. It will also have a performance boast than owain’s final. Don’t worry, it’s still based on the same rom and as such you don’t need to do factory reset if you are coming from owain’s final. Thought gmail may force close. You have to go to the app manager and clean the app’s data in order for it to work again.

  • compiled again with latest CM6
  • still some libs/bins/ramdisk/chargemon used not a lot though thanks to owain/nobodyatall
  • Google Apps Stuff added
  • LDPI fully working now
  • new Market
  • Browser/Gmail/Facebook should’t crash
  • Games should run smoother (new gralloc,copybits,egl)
  • MDDI module added (thanks to doixanh)
  • a lot small bugfixes for ui
  • added languages
  • most cyanogen settings should now work
  • recompiled not using eclair_memory dealer so maybe it improves jit a bit
  • overall really stable and fast ideal for daily usage
You can find the installation thread here.

Update : some people are expriencing bluetooth problem, slade has release a 2.1 update. It’s an hotfix, meaning that it’s small in size and need only to be flash onto v2. You can find it in the same installation thread.

17 responses to “(Update 2.1)Xperia mini pro cyanogen 6 updated

    • Hmm… disable auto brightness for the glitched screen, random reboot….post it in the installation thread, I don’t really get that much random reboot anyumore, only sometime

  1. Hi, I am new to android. I am using Slade’s Cyanogen 6 V2. Really a great work done on the ROM, though a couple of small prbs..

    Google Maps application does not load… Gives the message “The application maps(process com.google.android.apps.maps)has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

    Any solution for this?

  2. Hi,

    Some more issues… thought i could bring it to your notice…

    Messaging, same old crash problem when u tap on the drop down button to get dictionary words.

    • thats why they suggested an alternative messenger buddy, just install handsent messenger from the market. ots free and one of the best out there.

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