A Sad annoucement and a warning

As some of you may have already read on this thread‘, Owain may not be back. Here he wrote how tired he was to continue development of custom rom. This is a sad day indeed but please understand why he is tired.

Some people who I think lack of common sense don’t really realize that they are using this rom for free or even Owain started this project voluntarily, do thing that’s annoying like spamming his PM folder, post trolling comments on the thread and worse post mean words about him.

This not only apply to Owain but other dev’s as well. They have work hard for us to enjoy froyo and even gingerbread. Appreciate them please. Don’t spam their private message and comment on the thread with useless thing like ”when will the next update?” or ”when the camera will be fixed?”. They will finish it time. Writing this comments is spamming. Don’t be that selfish, we all wanted the update, so be patient and don’t spam the developers. You can also help by reporting unknown bugs and not ask a question that has been aswered before. (that’s what this blog’s purpose in the first place) Please consider the dev feeling and their hard work.

I sincerely hope that you guys are civilised enough to respect Owain and other dev who already works so hard without asking payment.

Owain if you are reading this, on behalf of the users, I apologized. I will not ask you to come back (nor should you guys, it’s called spamming as well. STOP USING PRIVATE MESSAGE TO ASK HIM TO COME BACK). You start this project voluntarily and I believe you have the right to stop whenever you choose and WE DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEMAND ANYTHING FROM YOU. Thanks for your hard work. I know that without you we couldn’t enjoy this wonderful froyo and gingerbread.

34 responses to “A Sad annoucement and a warning

  1. Thanks for this post divr
    you know i will always respect you
    your way of thinking, it is just so clean and nice
    really love to see a post here about me
    thanks and maby u will see me around who know ;)

    • Thx, maybe I will. Good luck on your next project. whatever it may be, I’m sure it’s going to be great

  2. i’m very very agree with this one !! thanks for owain and partner . i always support u all guys :)


  4. thanks for Owain and partner!! im never forget what you did and what you done.

    Since beginning until now, i’m still using your custom rom for my X8, i’m enjoy it and Appreciate it.

    don’t care all those selfish and childish to spam your PM. I’m always support you and understand your decision

    Thanks again and appreciate.

  5. hey owain thanks for everything man, everyone knows that our minis wud be nothng without you…your work here is truely appreciated, i hope i wasnt on the guilty end constantly asking about multi touch. if so im sorry and i had no idea we were making you feel this way. you’re awsome man good luck in your new endeavors whatever they may be..cheers!

  6. Owain, I realise you have serious talent and have a question for you..

    We are starting another business in mobile software development and would like to know if you would like a job as a mobile phone software developer.. if you could let us know via email please?

    We will pay you well if you are interested.

    If you could list your previous projects as well in the email that would be great.
    Thank you.

  7. Owain you attention seeking fag stop crying all the time your not Dev no more so what?

    lots of others out there who are not 16 years old fags who do just as good as you if not better and without the drama

    you should be ashamed to be such a pussy

    bluesulphur i wouldn’t give this guy a paper round never mind a dev position

    • @bob
      well how old are you around the 125?
      how much did you do for the ahakira or mimmi or robyn?
      i guess nothing?
      do you know something about developing?
      i guess not
      do you know something about java or C#
      i AM a dev and you are not
      come back here when you made a couple of roms that are almost perfect and please send me sources and your board configs
      just to be sure you didn’t cook them
      do you even know how to compile?
      now go and play with your self again
      and then 1 thing…
      you are calling me a pussy?
      maby you should come here then i can beat you up en knife u down u fag


    • Bob, the fact that he complete the ROM without being paid and voluntarily is a proof that he’s full of determination. And that’s the most important quality that anyone can have.

  8. For your info you fag,
    all your roms were cooked you have never compiled anything. all you did was taking stuff from around the forums and cook it together until it worked. You haven’t seen a compiler and how could you, you are 16 years old you are alittle pussy just like bob said. how do i know? i’ve been cross compiling for 3 years now for samsung daps, for linksys router and a few other open source projects as well as compiling nightly builds for my htc. why tha hell would you need c# for compiling android roms? its written in c/c++ and java. c# is close to java as it is object oriented but it doesn’t have to do anything with android.
    You are full of it and any 16 year old kid could do what you did.
    you prove to me that you can compile a real build otherwise just shut the fuck up. never come back and you play with yourself.
    its easy to trick the common folk.

    • can every1 stop using filth at each other!!! it screws up the authenticity of this site…c’mon guys…

  9. i installed my 1st rom yesterday and i love it i think people should give these guys some respect i was going to sell my fone but now its amazing thanks its the minicm rc2

  10. Why are there no more updates on other roms? i usually check here as it was often up-to-date but now no more updates on new roms.
    this is sad i liked the blog but i guess its just because the other dev left this blog dies too.
    this owain guy is not the world there is other devs out there. move on and leave it be.

  11. Come on, move on, there are more people and more cool roms coming.
    Come back here when you learn to deal with the fame Owain :P

    thanx for all your hard work, I hope it was not in vain and many people can enjoy it

  12. i cannot believe these cock sucking fags!!! you guys are all up on owain when you barely did shit yourselves!! the kid is 16! he has aconplished more than what 88% of the 16 yr olds world wide has done. owain is a very tallented dev and YOU shud shut the fuck up!!!! 3yrs of dev is nothing!!! i’ve been in this for 13 fucking yrs. who have you worked for? what have you done??….i wont even reveal my credibility for the sakes of you wanna bees here…owain fuck these haters you were doing a good thing here and you should continue. most of the folks here appreciate what you were doing.

    • and furthermore some of you here shud be ashamed of yourselves. you got almost perfect roms for FREE to make your sad little devices something worth looking at!!the least you could do is stand by owain and chase these assholes who do nothing for you outa here!!

  13. “Beat me up and knife me down” ROFL.. OMG could you be anymore GAY

    MAN-UP will you, if your going to try and make a threat at the very least make it remotely threatening.

    • you dont want a real threat asswipe….i suggest you shut up while you can still use that dumb ass mouth on your face. just lay off owain. you’re jealous of him we get it but geez get off his dick!!

  14. Jealous of what exactly his ability to make shitty buggy ROMS or his ability to act like a complete child on the forums or his ability to sound more gay making threats than when he’s crying about being tired.

    randell i do want a real threat please show me a real threat ( make it good )

    randell are you fucking owain? because you sound like your licking out his ass from here.

  15. meanwhile on xda… new and better roms.
    kill each other, but Divr, go on informing about other roms please!

  16. thank you
    but please in step 6 i don’t know what the mean of that can you make this by vidio

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  18. I’m really sorry Owain and Divr, .. I’ve never meant that.. you know what.. I purchased my xperia mini pro with 2.1 preinstalled… and aftawards when I heard that no further updates for mini pro , I was totally pissed off.. I spend like 1 month on internet but it was useless and I ended with nothing.. thought I can never use gingerbread on my mini pro… and was about to sale my cell for cheap.. ANNDD when I saw this site, I never believed it.. but when I tried myself .. I was more than happy that i’ve never been in my life… this site is Only hope for me and many xperia users.. Please don’t let their hope die.. !!

    I know some of my post might have hurt Owain and Divr too.. I know my one of my post sound selfish but I never meant in that way sincerly, and also didn’t know that OWAIN is 16 yr old guy..

    Now on m not gonna demand nything.. Take your Time OWAIN .. sry I must say TALENTED OWAIN.. :)

    I’ll do my best to help other guys facing problem.. and If I come across any unknown bugs… I’ll let you know…

    If possible .. can I have your email Id.. so that I can post you the UNKNOWN bugs info.. this is my email: vipinnegi90@gmail.com



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