(Update: CM6 hotfix and own thread, better video)Dual touch for xperia mini pro (not final)

Okay, the dev over at XDA has managed to push the touch driver to the xperia mini


Short Anouncement, we sucessfully loaded modded driver, and currently patching dual touch.
next step three fingers, 4 fingers is too small for screen.

Dual Touch is Working, its buggy but working

Here’s a video to prove it

This is still in the Alpha stage. You can get the script but don’t expect it to works as a charm. There’s still bugs to work out and each reboot will just reset the driver back to single touch. But if you are really curious, get the script here. After you download it :
  1. unzip
  2. place cy8ctma300_ser.ko on sdcard
  3. Download from Market “Multitouch Visualizer 2”
  4. connect phone to PC
  5. open Multitouch Visualizer 2
  6. use adb shell (You can also use the PC terminal emulator on the phone, in that case, you don’t need to type adb shell.)
  7. in shell type
  8. insmod /path/where/you/placed/cy8ctma300_ser.ko
This is a really great news and progress. I don’t really think that this is necessary but still I’m going to say it :Don’t spam the thread with thanks you. Don’t PM slade or other dev asking when it will be final. Please respect them. If you think this is too buggy, just be patient and wait.
Update : Slade as added a hot fix to his rom that include support for dual touch. You can find it here. And the dual touch now had its on thread here.
Update : I’ve use the hotfix for the CM6 and encounter no bugs whatso ever. It’s working smoothly
Update : No bugs found so far by anyone. So this dual touch is perfect

53 responses to “(Update: CM6 hotfix and own thread, better video)Dual touch for xperia mini pro (not final)

  1. hey im seeing alot of links for downloads there and no clear instructions on how to or which one to download

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  3. I can’t download the. zip that says “http://forum.xda-developers.com/show…9&postcount=56” can someone upload it to mediafire or megaupload and give me the link??..
    Sorry … I don’t speak english very well.

    • all you need to do is register buddy. its very simple and quick. just register on xda and login with your user account and you’ll be able to download most available content ;)

    • xda does use megaupload to distribute files. whats the matter why dont you just click on the available links and download the file on your own from there?

  4. the problem is that I am registered in XDA and it will not let me download the “Attached Files” Please, Can someone help me?

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    • This wasn’t meant as instruction. This is an update for people that already know the basic how to flash the phone. For that go to ”for newbie” page, rooting and xrecovery page and finally custom rom

    • just follow the instructions buddy. they provided a video tutorial for this. look for cyanogen6 in the custom roms tab at the top of the page. there is a video explaining everything on that page. hope i was of help :)

  7. the only thing that I don’t understand is “use adb shell (You can also use the PC terminal emulator on the phone, in that case, you don’t need to type adb shell.)”
    wth is adb shell? SORRY, I’m newbie here.

    • adb is simply to run a script that immediately tie the terminal process to your phone. In pc, you need the development sdk from the developer websites. So the easy way is to use the terminal emulator on your phone. It’s already in adb in default and just have to input the script.

  8. I type the “insmod /sdcard/cy8ctma300_ser.ko”, and it says “‘insmod’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.”

    • Run the script, btw what rom are you using. The latest cyanogen 6 already has dual touch preinstalled

    • Yes but like in the thread say, you have to run the script again every reboot. You already got as far as here, why don’t you just install cyanogen 6. It’s stable with all features working.

  9. hehe, I don’t want the cyanogen 6, just the multi-touch. Anyway, I don’t really can install roms. What do you mean you said “you have to run the script again every reboot.”?
    sorry for my bad english.

    • I’m not sure whether slade has updated the script or not but the last time I check, every reboot you lost the dual touch and have to run the script again. Why don’t you check first

  10. ooh I get it. but the problem now that I had is I can’t install it yet.
    I got the problem at the script. can you tell me the step-by-step? please…

    • I’m not that verse on programming script, just copy from slade’s thread If you use your computer terminal, you must have adb shell

    • That’s the problem. Use the altenative, install terminal emulator on your phone. Don’t need adb shell, just type su, click allow on the pop out and type in the script

  11. I’ve done the things that you said. firts, I typed “su”, and its out “#” below, and then I type “insmod /sdcard/cy8ctma300_ser.ko”.
    and then its said “insmod : can’t open ‘sdcard/cy8ctma300_ser.ko’

  12. hey, after I type the “insmod /sdcard/cy8ctma300_ser.ko”, and its said “insmod: init_modue ‘/sdcard/cy8ctma300_ser.ko’ faied (No such file or direcory)

  13. can i know is this driver works for X10 mini ? i have try it on my x10 mini but the permission is denied.

  14. i have copy it to my sdcard by Memory card reader. i copy it to /sdcard . i open the terminal emulator and type sdcard/cy8ctma300_ser.ko and enter it…
    but the it says “permission denied”…
    why this happened ?

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  18. @Divr…. Hello. I’m planning to buy a xperia x10 mini pro…. My plan is to install the latest CM6 or just activating the multitouch function after i buy my phone… But I’m kinda confused abt the rooting and installing custom rom… It would be very kind of u, if u make a video of the whole process… Thanks in advance…. I’ll be waiting for ur reply…….

  19. @spak… I saw the video in youtube…. I think there’s a step left when I have to root my phone… At the 1st when i have to connect my phone to my pc via USB cable in charge mode, I have to stop the ADR server or something like that from my desktop… I saw this on an another video installing super user….. I’m kinda confused… Plz post the link to the video tutorial U followed and worked for u… Thanks in advance…:)

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