Cyanogen 6 for Xperia mini pro updated to v2

Well, this update is an update that combine the previous hotfixes and dual touch into one full rom and some.The full change log is]

  • added offline charging fix (won’t go to xrecovery anymore) thanks owain
  • battery drain should be less thanks owain
  • added Dual Touch
  • not Overclocked version is now undervolted
  • previous hotfixes included
  • few other small tweaks
You can find the installation here.

30 responses to “Cyanogen 6 for Xperia mini pro updated to v2

  1. Nice Rom… And the multi-touch is awesome too…
    Just could you tell me how do I replace the default launcher Pro?? Wen i install a new one,it says “Application not installed”
    and when I replaced the apk file using root explorer, it worked,but after reboot,Launcher Pro kept Force Closing,and the phone wouldn’t move on… Using GoLauncher now! :(

  2. Get problem with the screen that turns black without any reason and hard to wake up after it happens.
    Any suggestion ? Does it help by changing launcher if yes which should I use ?

  3. hey im using this app with on my mini pro called and memory…is it safe
    to use with this rom??

  4. Comment. Sadly no more custom roms are being developed for mini.possbly we will never get beyond 2.1.because all the available custom roms are incomplete.I reget buying one

    • hey !!! dont loose hope !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      check out the android development section for x10 mini at the xda forum..developer “nobodyatall” has started a cm7 port for x10 mini..killer stuff…BIG THANKS TO NOBODY AT ALL!!!!KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK MATE!!!

  5. Thx man… its the best 2.2 what i ever try!
    No random reboots and crush! More stable then owain final 2.2! :( :) Everything is work fine! And the dual touch is great :)

    Nice work….

  6. dear divr,
    i have been using this rom for the past three days and i recently started experiencing a problem. the screen on phone goes blank and the phone stops responding. when i pull the battery which is the only means of switching off the device, and i reboot ot gets stuck in a boot loop forcing me to reflash the rom and fixes again. this would fix the problem for a little while but then it happens again. now im using an app called and memory which opperatesin a similar fashion to watchdog and setcpu combined. do you think this mght be the problem? please respond ASAP. :)

  7. I cann`t install any angry birds game. Has anybody the same problem? and, the zoom whit two fingers doesn’t run, What can I do? Thanks!!

    • i have angry birds installed and working fine with dual touch. maybe you should do a factory reset and reinstall the rom

      • I’ve fix the angry birds games with a wipe dalvik caché in xrecovery, but dual touch still broken :(

      • Try installing it manually. Google for its apk. I will later upload the apk itself

      • Did you install the OC version o the other one? And did you install the 2 fixes packages or not? Thanks :P

  8. Angry Birds is not downloading from android market… and also youtube is not updating either…manual installing works fine..

    • dude there are many hd games available for our device, i wouldnt even be bothering about angry birds. theres assassins creed, dungeon hunters, nfs shift, pro evolution soccer 11 and many more…

      • hehe.. agreed.. but man if you find a link for Asphalt HD, then please do give it to me… The one i foud did not fit the screen :(

      • yeah man im experiencing the same problem..hehe…i did find a site offering it and they say its supposed to work but im having no such luck. maybe you can give it a try….here’s the link to the site:

  9. Works great; no reboots, everything except bluetooth detection/advertising works perfectly. Nice to have the stock S-E camera app bundled, as well. Brilliant piece of work, thanks very much to slade, owain, nobodyatall and their testers.

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