Cyanogen 6 for xperia mini pro updated

Brace yourself this update is quite a big one. For those of you complaining that big size apps won’t download (angry bird), smile because this update fixed that problem. And also there’s CRT animation like in gingerbread. And also the clock speed is down to 614 mhz in default but you can change that using setCPU or in the hotfix. And I do find that setting it higher make the phone prompt to sudden freeze and reboot. The change log is


  • fixed to big clock


  • most credits go to nobodyAtAll
  • Arabic language support
  • fixed big apps failing to download
  • improved OpenGL/2D Libs
  • Wifi Adhoc Mode
  • KeyboardLight via Lightsensor can be set via Cyanogen Settings and also Brightness fixed (I’ll release Tutorial later its in Cyanogen Settings -> User Interface -> Automatic Brightness -> Set Lightsteps)
  • Undervolt module can be set via Cyanogen settings. (default is off)
  • all old version and hotfixes included
  • CRT Animation thanks goes to doixanh
  • default CPU Speed set to 614 MHz. Use SetCPU or Cyanogen Settings to overclock. (since to many people had issues with Overclocking)
  • updated Multitouch Driver to be less sensitive (like the quick zoom bug) still not perfect.
  • added optional Hotfix if the Unlock bar is in your way and you can’t tell who is calling.
You can find the installation thread here.

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