Cyanogen 7 for xperia mini pro updated

This update bring bug fixes that get it closer to the bug free full features froyo cousin. Closer but not quite. High quality camera is still no go but it does get more stable. The change log is :


  • keyboard light and automatic brightness fixed if set like in froyo (tut is over there first post)
  • no more black screen when being called
  • proximety sensor fixed
  • stability increased
  • all reboot bugs regarding gps/gsm should be resolved
  • only notification bar still a bit buggy if push up
  • new dual touch driver
  • performance increase
  • battery drain should be lower
  • lag free gaming
  • 2D/3D performance increased
  • lights/sensors should work better now
  • touch should now be recognized everywhere
As usual, you can find the installation thread here.

18 responses to “Cyanogen 7 for xperia mini pro updated

  1. everything on that page is just confusing. there are a bunch of links and hotfixes all jumbled and no instructions for installation and order of installation or even which ones to install..really poor organisation. this is the first time i’ve ever been disappointed with anything from you guys. please try to fix this problem.

    • really? you can’t figure it out? Just install the latest version first, then the hotfix. It’s that simple. Only 1 file needed (if there’s not hot fix) to download.

      • One more thing divr,
        do you have any idea if 2.3.4 will bring gtalk video talk though xperia mini pro does not have Front cam will it work with back cam….please do reply

      • Ask google, even nexus one is not given that feature when updated to 2.3.4

  2. Hi,

    I’m just installed the Cyanogen mod 7 with update 14.5 to my SE Xperia X10 mini pro and I have two major problems:
    1) the keyboard light is working 50% although I set all as in Froyo (according to description here The keyboard light is working up to 95% in cas that the phone is locked, black screen, and I just open the keyboard, the mobile is unlocked and the keyboart light is OK. But in case that I unlock the phone manually by slidebar and then open the keyboard, the light is not working :(
    2) the black screen when call is ended. When me or other part ends the call, the screen stay black and I’m not able to wake up it for some time, just open and close the hw keyboard solve this problem immediatelly.

    Could you please help me with this two issues, is there some other settings that shall I do ? Waiting to your answer… Thx!

  3. i tried this update, but flashlight not working at all, camera quality is very poor and fm are still not working apart from the keyboard light issue. am i doing it wrong way or is it like this. also, video recording not working.

    • hmm…. those is the two things that all people are waiting to be fixed. Read first plesase

  4. Hi, just small hint regarding to X10 Mini pro. When I using the hw keyboard and want to change A->a->123 and vice versa I don’t see any indication what characters will be written, just cursor is being changed. In original sw, there was an indication at the bottom in the right which type of characters or digits are currently set (a/A/123). Is it possible to enable this somehow, or it’s just not implemented in this version of C7 ? Thanks a lot!

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  6. Pingback: Welcome to Xperia Custom Roms « Welcome to Mod My Xperia

  7. i installled this rom, gr8 work, everything seems working as said, but after a few days of using it, my phone hanged and restarted, after that, market search is not giving any results. no matter wat i type, its says no match found. so i thought of re-installing the rom, but still same issue, i even used SEUS and installed 2.1.1, the market was working fine in it, so i again upgraded it to mod7 14.5, the problem is still there, i found a update for v14.5 to v 15, i tried that too, but market is still not showing any results in search. everything else seems to be working fine but i am not able to search apps in market. i have installed the rom with correct steps all the time. now i have to use stock 2.1.1 from sony coz i tried everything else. it was working fine before, but suddenly…… need help!! anyone??

  8. I have the same problem. The market works if you just install one of the apps in the lists, but searching returns a not found.
    Any sugestions would be nice.

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