Cyanogen 6 for xperia mini pro and mini updated

This update for mini pro bring an improved dual touch drive. And for both, there’s a lot of bug fixes. The change log

Mini pro

  • fixed incoming call slider


  • fixed mytracks crash (thanks to d4)
  • fixed “hickups” in games no more slowdowns
  • huuuuge battery saver drain finally fixed
  • fixed a gps issue
  • ramdisk tuned memory settings (will be a hotfix and come later)
  • fixed overclock in cyanogen settings
  • keyboard light and automatic brightness fixed (apply steps in first post)
  • no more black screen (if first post settings applied)
  • performance boost
  • removed SEMC Camera available as optional hotfix
  • WLAN 802.1x Enterprise Networks should work again
  • fixed textmessage notification icon
  • differnt cy8ctma300 driver should be less sensitive on zooming seems a lot better now
  • fixed phone apk looks.
  • adhoc mode now shouldnt reboot when screen is off.
  • Mobo Player fixed and all other players with black screen is
Fixed big apps failing to download from market
Arabic support for Browser / Gmail
CRT screen on / off animations ported from GB, thanks to: doixanh (Auto brightness not working yet)
Reduced default overclocking to 691MHz since it’s stable for everyone
Fixed CPU Frequency detection in CM Settings menu
Added undervolting module, not enabled by default (Thanks to: doixanh)
Added option to toggle undervolting module in CM Settings -> Performance -> CPU
Ultra brightness mode via CM Settings -> User Interface
Updated Fake DT module for easier usage (Thanks to: doixanh,andrej)
Added x8mddi.ko module v.1 (Thanks to: doixanh)
Wifi Adhoc mode
You can find the installation of mini pro here and mini here.

19 responses to “Cyanogen 6 for xperia mini pro and mini updated

  1. Unfortunately I’m seeing regressions on the v2 OC ROM in both 2.5 and 3 – the return of the dreaded reboots, while 2 was rock-solid. Happy to help debug, but I can’t post to XDA-thread, since I don’t have 10-non-dev-forum posts 8/

  2. Divr
    Nothing great happens with mini nowadays. Seems like talented developers lost interest in the device.

  3. Hi, I installed this ROM via xrecovery on a X10 Mini Pro running the required baseband and Android version, and everything seems to work smoothly until the reboot.

    The touchscreen no longer works, so I cannot go beyond the “Touch the android to begin” screen.

    Please help? Thanks!

  4. HEY I JUST FOUND ANOTHER ROM ON XDA CALLED FROYOCOMB. its based on owain and slade’s froyo roms aparently tweaked for better performance and with a honeycomb style. its kinda interesting to find but do you know about this and would you suggest trying it out?

    • yeah it’s just a theming of the rom with different stock application. Not really worth a post. But I will make a theme page later on

  5. Hi,

    I installed this ROM (v3.0) yesterday morning and it is absolutely SPLENDID…!!
    But the first time I tried to do so, I got stuck up in the boot screen. This is because i did not Factory Reset my phone after installing the Custom zip.
    It was a very painful task to get the phone back to life, but the SE Update Service helped me out with ease.

    One problem i faced is with my phone’s Backlight turning off as soon as the first time the phone switched on and asked for entering the Google account.
    I skipped this step somehow and then went to settings and got ‘auto brightness’ removed.

    One other problem i faced is with the keyboard backlight which is not working.. Have i missed out something..? Is there any settings i have to change for this..?


    • It’s disabled, try asking slade for a hotfix if there’s isn’t any at the installation thread

  6. Oops, I am sorry about the keyboard light.. A small tweak fixes that.. Check the “Keyboard Light and Automatic Display Info: Please see here” link to get that working.

  7. One last thing, can we install the hotfix? Is it using update in xRecovery?
    And what about themes?

    • Yes but only the hotfix for this rom, for theme some mini’s don’t work, some work. Just make a back up before changing theme for just in case

  8. hey i installed the rom and tested it. TRUST me it is not just a theming of the rom. one way or another its faaaaaast! way faster than the others. i dont know what they did but something has got the rom performing a bit snappier than the others.just thought i should share.

  9. Hy!

    I always follow your work and first i want to say a big thank for support our phones! :)
    The battery drain fix is awesome!
    I have a little issue with wifi. It find the networks and it can connect, but the data trafik is very slow. After install rom i do a factory reset and wipe dalvik too… Any idea for fix that?

  10. I must agree with divr on froyocomb.
    I tried it and its not faster than a clean install of slades v3.0. It just seems like the same to me different theming and an arrogant developer. I don’t know why but I get the feeling that it seems enough for some people to take a theme exchange some apps to make them believe its a better rom. For me it has the exact same (few) bugs like slades rom no performance improvements and to be honest the honeycomb theme can be flashed easily to slades rom. It makes me wonder if the new dev will/can come up with something unique that would make me switch but for now its just the same.
    Any way its not worth mentioning.

  11. Hello Divr

    Bad news! I think I could have found a bug in this version of the rom.

    I bought a new 16GB micro for my phone as the old 4GB one is pretty full. Then when I unmounted the old card and put in the new one it said ‘SD card Damaged’. So I thought, OK its new it probably does need formatting so that I can use it. Once I’d done that it worked in the phone. Then I unmount it and put back in the old card, only to see ‘SD card damaged’. Try the new one same message. I was like oh no have I broken the slot. Rebooted, still nothing. Then when I entered xrecovery it read the card fine and I was able to reflash the ROM to see if that that would fix it, but no.

    I have now restored a back up with v2.5 and the mounting and unmounting works fine.

    U20i cyanogen6/miniCM v3.01.

    hope you can help :)

  12. I have faced another issue where i cannot use bluetooth if wifi is switched on.
    The Problem is:
    WiFi was connected and my friend wanted to send some data using bluetooth to me.
    I turned on the bluetooth and he tried to scan for my bluetooth, but he didnt find me (i turned discovery on too.)
    I tried to change the bluetooth name and asked him to rescan. It still didnt work.
    So i switched off wifi and then tried. It worked fine.
    So currently there is a work around, but it would be nice to see this fixed.

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  14. i have a new problem, when in messaging, the predictive text is on, but when i press the dropdown button on the screen , it forecloses.this is while using the alphanumeric pad for texting, pls help.

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