Cyanogen 6 for xperia mini pro updated to v4 ( final release) (update)

update : fix the link

This is the final release. What this mean is that it probably the last major  update for cyanogen 6 xperia mini pro. This rom will be the stablest rom yet for xperia mini pro. With all of the features working and smooth experiences. The complete change log is :

v4.0 Hotfix

  • corrected build.prop error thanks to osakana

v4.0 optional Hotfix

  • added Doixanh’s cool FroyoBread Settings in Cyanogen Settings

v4.0 final release

  • battery drain if not used ~ 0 (at least for me) while using a lot less as well
  • added flash lite thanks to andread ROM
  • added doixanhs great FroyoBread framework (CRT, Gingerbread Lockscreen) all credits goto him and his great ROM
  • updated /system/lib/hw/
  • updated /system/lib/egl
  • updated apps
  • proxiemty sensor fixed
  • game performance a bit smoother
  • languages added also for input method
  • no black screen
  • updated libs
  • all previous hotfixes included

You can find the installation thread here. Be sure to thanks the developer for this amazing rom.

15 responses to “Cyanogen 6 for xperia mini pro updated to v4 ( final release) (update)

  1. Hi Divr,

    I tried installing Cyangen 6 V4 today, followed by installing the optional FroyBread hotfix, and then the Honeycomb theme, using xRecovery (all one after the other); after having made a full backup (as well as through Titanium Backup Pro) and then wiping battery stats and dalvik cache. Then I rebooted from xRecovery and booted up and waited 30 mins while it stayed on the SE logo. I know slade87 says the 1st boot will take a whie and to wait but 30 mins is way too long I would think?!? So I looked up [FAQ] CUSTOM Cyanogen Froyo General F.A.Q. on XDA and dart760 says under the MY X10 FREEZE AT SE LOGO, NOW? section: Stuck at SE Logo? -> Wipe Data and Dalvik Cache, restore via MyPhoneExplorer or something Else. On slade87’s ROM page slade87 says: Important first boot takes long wait until booted into system leave it until fully booted and restart, before complaining AND Stuck at SE Logo? -> Wipe Data and restore via MyPhoneExplorer or something Else. After 30 mins though I gave up and thought something must be wrong and restored my phone using xRecovery and Titanium Backup Pro. My Baseband Version is : M76XX-TSNCJOLYM-53404015 and my build number is: 2.1.1.A.0.6. I really don’t know what to do as I am new to installing custom ROM’s and this was my first time. Please please help with getting these things installed. Thank you so much in advance. Kind Regards

  2. dear nightwing,

    first you will need to know if you downloaded the xrecovery version or the clock work mod version (cwm).
    if you have xrecovery one your phone you need to download the xrecovery version and the other way round.
    but now the im portant part. if you come from stock you will need to go to make factory reset in xrecovery as well. as the data files are not compativble with froyo. so make sure to start like this:
    boot in xrec
    make factory reset
    install from sd card (first rom, hotfix, then honeycomb)
    now reboot

    and it should work. after you reached the system and entered your pin let lay for 5 minutes and reboot.
    now everything should work.

    • Hi Slade,

      Thanks for your above help. I’ve managed to install the ROM but I cannot connect to my home WLAN. It uses WPA/WPA2 PSK and the signal is not broadcast but hidden. I could connect before with my phone using the SE 2.1update1 ROM but now it says Authenticating and then just remembered. It also says the signal is poor when I’m not that far from it and I was troubleshooting it and sitting right next to it and it wouldn’t connect. It does what I’ved said above, and then just says Disconnected. I’m thinking of switching back to the SE ROM until this issue is fixed. Have you fixed it in your Re-uploaded version of V5.0 Final Release?? Please help as I would really like to use your ROM and cannot use it if it refuses to connect over WiFi. Thanks Slade. Regards

    • Hi slade87,

      Thanks for your help a couple of days ago. I have submitted an important BUG with regards to your “Cyanogen Froyo CM6-Latest (based on MiniCM) – v5.0” ROM. Please see below for the XDA thread path, the web link, and the exact post number of this BUG I have found in your ROM. Your ROM really
      is very good and you should be proud of your work, but it is only one step away from being flawless – I would greatly appreciate it if you could Fix this BUG I have found and reported.

      xda-developers > Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 Mini > XPERIA X10 Mini Q&A > [Q] to Slade87 to any ROM (i.e. people who cannot post in Dev Forum)

      [Q] to Slade87 to any ROM (i.e. people who cannot post in Dev Forum) :

      Post # 291

      Many thanks for your continuing support and care. It is greatly appreciated. Please help! :)
      Kind Regards

  3. Hi,greatttt work!!!!!!!!! Thanks in advance.
    Don´t know if xrecovery is not working properly…
    x10 mini pro. baseband and kernel ok.

    -Connect the phone to pc
    -I download the rom (CM6 V4.0 final) check the md5 and it’s right.
    -Then i copy it to the SD, check the md5 again, and it’s ok.
    -Reboot and when trying to install it using xrecovery , there’s an error “Can’t Open /sdcard/ (bad)”
    -Reboot and conect to the computer, check the md5 again: WRONG

    The file is corrupted in some step!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi,

    Please could Divr or Slade respond to my previous post and help me please! Thanks.

    Kind regards

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