New update for mini and Era of new recovery

Both cyanogen 6 of mini and mini pro has switch to ClockWorkMod recovery. It’s basically our plain recovery plus many features. It’s good but it come with bad news. Xrecovery zip is not compatible with this new recovery. Good news is the xrecovery back up is. Mini pro (slade) has made the new version in 2 zip file, (CWM and xrecovery) with his newest rom adopting the CWM recovery. Mini like in this update is exclusively a CWM zip file. Don’t worry. The developer for mini has give u a new zip file for flashing CWM recovery.

The change log for this version

ClockworkMod recovery v. for x10mini
Baseband verification on installation
Undervolting and Overclocking handled CM Settings menu (by default none is active)
Fixed Magic smoke wallpaper
SDcard Cache size changed to 128K to avoid music players hiccups
Updated google apps to 20110501 for CM6
Updated LauncherPro to LauncherPro-0.8.6

Note that any future or updates rom of any devices will be using a zip file that only can be install using CWM. The tutorial will be added shortly.

The installation thread here.

9 responses to “New update for mini and Era of new recovery

  1. Does DT works for playing game ? i try with PES 2011 but the DT isn`t working…. it only working in Browser and Albums….
    how can i change the Massage ringtone with my own ringtone?

    • It should be working. It’s working on Nova and other games. You can change the ring tone in the sound setting

  2. I hope you do a video tutorial, I just got a xperia mini and I’m trying to upgrade the firmware, root and install the CWM but I have no idea how to do it

  3. i installed froyo with CWM recovery on my x10 mini. but it has some problem in gallery and music player. it can’t read files from sdcard. can i solve this problem?

  4. hey is there any clockwork recovery or xrecovery for xperia mini .. if ther is pls do let me know

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