Cyanogen 7 for mini pro updated

Cyanogen 7 gingerbread is updated. This bring a small fixes to the camera but not full. It’s currently limited to 3 Megapixel quality. The full change log :


  • updated lib/hw
  • updated lib/bluez
  • updated Decoders Audio/Video
  • DLNA support
  • fixed compass
  • merged nobodyAtalls changes so credits goto him
  • ROMManager comes preinstalled
  • fixed provider selection
  • WLAN and Bluetooth now work at the same time
  • added flashlite
  • changed to CWM Recovery
  • removed Launcher Pro and added ADW (so you have no issues using your paid Launcher Pro)
  • please set to VGA while using Camera (default set to 3MP not yet working)
  • Audio Recorder working
  • a lot of small bugfixes
  • default cpu speed is 614 MHz so you shouldnt have issues
You can find the installation thread here.

4 responses to “Cyanogen 7 for mini pro updated

  1. From reading the changelog I bet the camera has not been fixed. Also, the bug tickets for libcamera in the minicm tracker would have been updated.

  2. For me does not work:
    – Flash cam
    – FM Radio

    and now i’m trying to charge my mobile and the battery level is always in 0% :(

  3. Divr,
    WiFi is STILL NOT WORKING on this rom, or CM6 or froyocomb. See this post: Post # 310 . Please please could you help me Divr and also as well contact slade about this on my behalf with the above link. This BUG is the only thinking preventing me from using it day-to-day on my phone as I usually connect alot over WiFi. Please help me!!! Thanks, regards

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