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okay, as of this moment I’m no longer the owner of xperia  mini pro and instead a proud owner of LG optimus 2x. Now what this mean is that I could no longer run this blog fully. I’m looking for someone to take away this blog and maintain it to their best ability. I’m looking for someone willing to be the administrator of this blog. I will give you full access to this blog in wordpress. Add to that, the gmail account of and the youtube channel. If you are interested, please email me in

Xperia mini pro was my first android phone. It was the very first that introduce me to the wonderful worlds of android and custom roms. It has been a faithful companion for a years. Handling my mails, be my news source and media of communication. But now its time is running near. Its battery is degrading. Its 600mhz processor no longer can tend to my need. So I have to let it go. Thanks you for being my phone.

One response to “Searching : New administrator

  1. i understand you, i miss the posibility to run flash content on the browser, to play games smothly, to take more than 2 apps open at the same tiem (cause the RAM is too small), to see HD content and in a more large screen, and the battery… ok, the battery is the same in ALL android smartphone, but in the xperia mini pro the battery ran out in less than 6 hours, lost the 3g (cause i´m from southamerica and my xperia is the European version)… and other things that will be resolved buying another smartphone (HTC Inspire 4g in my case :D) but my mini could introduce me in the world of Android, and i want to say you, THANKS! cause the first time I discovered your blog I never stopped to visit to see if new updates, etc. and I appreciate all your work and effort. :)

    PS: Congrats for your new DualCore Smartphone, LG Optimus 2X, good choise :D but the Inspire is enough for my demands.

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