new [Custom ROM 23/06/2011] Andread 2.3.4 rc 7 for xperia mini with flash lite

based on MINICM 2 thanks to nobody4all

thanks also to antonio89drop

and thanks to me…

Andread 2.3.4 RC 7 Lite with flash lite download here

features of this release:
What has enabled:
– stock xperia mini wallpaper
– easydialer
– 3D games libraries
– Xrecovery
– Root
– Jit
– App2sd
– 1-2 multitouch finger like (v007)
– Video 640×480
– Possibility of charging off
– XPERIA bootanimation
– Sony xperia arc launcher with docking
– Live wallpaper
– Overclocked (710Mhz)
– Undervolt (saves battery)
– No scrolling lags

what works (all: P),only camera set to vga

deleted programs:
– Native browser
– Native launcher
– Email.apk
– Twitter
– Facebook
– Gallery
– LatinIME
– Calculator
– Gmail.apk

Additional programs:
– Zirco Browser
– lgcamera
– Fbtouch (client facebook)
– QuickPic (excellent gallery fast)
– fileexpert (I think the best filemanager required)
– Sony ericsson arc launcher dockbar version and sony x10 mini style
– Note2Self (widget for notes)
– Torch (widget which enables the flash as a torch)
– Realcalc (excellent scientific calculator)
– Andterminal (a simple terminal)
– Weather widget
– Youtubedownloader
– Email enhanched (email client)
– Meridienplayer
– Chronotopia

there are no major bugs.

How to install:
– Put the file nell’sd, dall’xrecovery do a full wipe and wipe Dalvik fille cache and then put in the sd via custom install zip

– Last updated sony-ericsson
– Root and xrecovery
– If you want to use the Pre app2sd the sd two primary partitions with a fat32 and ext3

changelog :
– quickpic and terminal emuletor don’t crash anymore
– dual touch much better
– symbols bug on some apps now fixed
– genie widget now included
– standby clock ldpi fixed
– some minor bugs fixed


To optimize all I suggest to install Autostart and mini file explorer free apps from market

– better fake dual touch really impressive with this version
– minor battery drain
– sony xperia mini style and sony xperia arc style
– lib for tetris arc game
– deskclock repacked
– chronotopia
– fileexpert
– phone fixed

you can find installation thread here

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