new for xperia x8 update [ROM] kuyaDROID | CM 7.1.0-pre |2.3.4|

+ latest baseband version xxx15
+ xrecovery

+ it is important to backup your latest Rom
+ in xrecovery select “install custom zip”, or you can rename it first to “” then select “install from SD Card”
+ if you came from CM7, the update zip would not remove your data partition, its only removed cache and dalvik-cache.
+ if you upgrading from eclair or froyo, do “Factory reset (full wipe)”
+ Reboot. first boot will take a while and wait for a moment before using it.

:: Changelog ::

[26-06-2011] v2.4.108
+ fixed LED Notification
+ Better Sound Effect on DSPManager
+ fixed HD Games problem. thanx to junixquiaoit

[24-06-2011] v2.3.108
+ add app2sd ext feature
+ Power option reboot to xrecovery
+ updated to CM 7.1.0-pre (Legend Nightly-108)
several update from CM:
.added 0,90,180,270 degree rotation for orientation.
.added a custom option for menu long press.
.better DSPManager : new equalizer, new loudness mode.
.opt. Incoming call in background
.Opt. to Hide Hold button during a call
.added more translation and clean up bugs.
.see changelog for detail.
LED Notification is OFF by default now. (i’ll search for it)

[18-06-2011] v2.0.100
+ based on CM7 nightly for Legend.
+ same as version 1.1.96 but with SMS LED Notification disable.
+ FC on facebook/browser/email app.. : fixed with hotfix-01.

[18-06-2011] v1.1.96
+ fixed FM Radio audio routing.
+ GPS is fine now.

[12-06-2011] v1.0.96
+ Video recording High (VGA)
+ FM Radio (with bug in routing audio. just replug your headset to route to speaker)
+ LED Notification.
+ sd read cache (back to 2048)
+ stock browser fix.
– last minute report on tester rom, GPS is not working.. .
>>>update.: it will work if you remove file from /system/lib/hw. use root explorer.
or wait v.1.1.96

[04-06-12] kuyaDROID-87 :
+ Camera VGA (camera button fix with set focus mode to OFF )
+ video recording low res.
+ battery drain fix. thanx owain94
+ added some tweak to the original Hackdroid.
+ 245 MHz min freq (if you want 122 MHz, just edit on system/etc )

from original Hackdroid.v86 :
+ dx module : mddi and gesture.
+ no over clock or undervolt module. if you want oc or uv module, just put the module to : system/lib/modules.
+ everything else“.

big thanx to : racht, nobodyAtall, doixanh, owain94, brixzen, AnDyX and all XDA’s members.

installation thread here

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