ROM] FroyoBread for x8 | v016

This is my personal ROM in my device. This is also my first attempt to build and release a ROM I didn’t plan to make this, but because of the screen on/off animation, I had no choice but to make a CM6 build. And here it is, a mostly original and latest CM6. This build version is CM6.2.0 RC 0.

The ultimate goal is a fast, smooth and lightweight Froyo having GingerBread (and some of my customized) features. I will gradually port Gingerbread’s feature to this Froyo. Yeah I know, many people want a fully working Gingerbread, not a mix like this. We have lots of difficulties to bring Gingerbread to X8:

  • Adhoc with WEP is not supported in CM7 at the moment. It’s very important to me though
  • Rewrite of libcamera needs lots of effort
  • (My personal opinion) Most important fact: GB is not as smooth as Froyo. I don’t know but I still have a feeling that Froyo is smoother than Gingerbread, especially in menu scrolling.

I had to take some libs and configuration files from racht’s ROM. (Thank you racht, and I also thank you for your great compiling machine! You’re our hero!).

Many things should work and it should be smooth. However I didn’t test it carefully, it may contain some bugs.
Features: We almost have a Gingerbread with special things now!

    • Clean stock CM6: Smoothness. Stability. Working Camera.
    • Minimal number of apps are installed. This brings you the choice to install and use only what you want.
    • Lightweight: I got maximum 107MB of free RAM.
    • My favorite modules: X8Gesture v007, X8Undervolt v001, X8MDDI v001
    • Gingerbread’s theme with some improvements


  • Gingerbread’s CRT screen on/off animation
  • CM7’s Edge Glow effect.
  • CM7’s Froyo/Rotary/Revamped/Lense lockscreen
  • Random lockscreen
  • Gingerbread’s cursor handler
  • Gingerbread’s improved copy/paste
  • Random CM6 or CM7 bootscreen
  • Better Arabic and RTL languages rendering
  • Gingerbread’s localization
  • Improved Flipping down mutes ringer
  • Flipping down snoozes alarm
  • Gingerbread’s LatinIME keyboard
  • Fully working T-Mobile’s Theme Engine
  • Built-in Transparent Status Bar support
  • Configuration section

Known bugs

  • Auto brightness works incorrectly? I need test and feed back.
  • DSP Manager works incorrectly

– Rooted
– xRecovery
– Latest kernel and latest baseband xxx015

Install instruction
1. Download
2. Copy to sdcard
3. Reboot to xRecovery
4. Install custom zip
5. Reboot

you can found the installation thread here 


One response to “ROM] FroyoBread for x8 | v016

  1. this is REALLY fast.
    only thing it lacks are the usual 6.1 cm bugs: no light sensor and radio starts on speakers.

    other than that it’s great!
    currently giving [ROM]Stable 2.2.1 ROM for X8 | Based on miniCM a try
    versions seem really similar.

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