new for xperia mini ROM] FROYO “REMIX10 V3.2 REVOLUTION” XL & XS , (New corners style)&(Walkman style)

NEW V3.2 Revolution

Some changes in version V3.2 :

– Fixed many bugs (almost all) examples reported so far to import contacts from sim and log cal, market, and more. It seems that now everything works correctly.
– More Faster
– More stable and less lag (practically zero restarts now it seems or blocked ; really OK)
– Agggiunta new app in a different way between XL & XS for example, a generic note, timing, video, alarm, etc.
– Several transparent Gmail app, Email, Calculator, Calendar, SMS, Youtube widget, (Phone.apk optional in theme)
– More Battery Life
– Better than other sectors that do not list
– Updates in the framework
– Update keyboard & Languages
– Improved graphics clock widget type etc..
– New widgets
– Updates of different backgrounds in different applications Walkman, timer, Backup and Restore
– Double Fm Radio New version available “Stock Style” & “New Style Arc” (defoult)now with better graphics and background wallpaper.
– New Setting background (optional in theme)

Necessary have these requirements on device.
Baseband – M76XX-TSNCJOLYM-53.404.015
Kernel V. 2.6.29


Style Sonyericsson
Stock Corner style
Energy manager stock
Track ID (bug-fix)
Walkman Style Miui
Backup and Restore
Fm Radio New Style Fix corner radio button
New DSP Manager 192KHz
Jit option etc..
Up 64mb heap vm
Overclocking (defoult 710Mhz) & Undervolt
Crt on/off screen animation
Multitouch fix & game mode (onetouch) V7
SD Speed ​​Fix
GPS, compass, light sensor, proximity sensor
Contacts (by stelios97)
Display brightness up high
And much more

installation thread here


Installation Method of “Remi-X10-Mini”
1) Download the file
2) Install xrecovery on your device
3) Copy the file Sdcard
4) go Xrecovery
5) Go to Advanced Options and Wipe Battery Stats
6) On main screen xRecovery do a factory reset
7) Go to install custom zip from SD card
8) Select “RemiX10 XY” ———————————————————————————Y=L (full version) ————————–Y=S (lite version)
9) Reboot phone
10) setup Start up configuration
11) Turn off the device
12) go Xrecovery
13) Go to install custom zip from SD card
14) Select
15) Reboot phone
The end

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