[ROM] GingerCruzt 1.0.0 revision 5 (2.3.4) for xperia x8

This is not mine ROM.

Read from post #38 and on for new version.

Based on Elelinux 7.1.0 Hero v2.4

– Browser
– Routing audio FMradio
– Notification lights

FIXED in revision 4:
– Play more games
– ramdisk.tar repack master shpit
– Menu reboot recovery work
– New Setting CPU (miniCM)
– New Menu enable/disable Overclok and Undervolt (miniCM)
– Button camera fix (Thank to Master shpit)
– Bateray drain (may be)
– Theme Chooser (ehm…v003, I dont have a problem)

* FM Radio background and corner buton.
* SemcHome 4 corner.
* in Elelinux to Hero based on 7.1.0
but I don’t know whether this is still based on 7.1.0,
since many files that I replace with racht ROM, and xGin ROM

WORKING: Everything except full camera.

* GSM/SMS/Data(3G, EDGE)
* Wifi
* Fixed reboots bug
* Stock audio Recording
* ADB at boot
* Sensors
* OpenGL/3D
* Audio Jack
* Video decoder
* Video playback support for 3rd party apps
* Vibration
* Bluetooth
* Native App2sd
* xRecovery preinstalled
* Usb mass storage
* Audio Mixer
* Camera (VGA)
* Offline charging
* Fake DT support (Thanks to: doixanh)
* Mddi lag fix (Thanks to: doixanh)
* CM Settings performance menu for setting the Sdcard read cache size
(speed improvements for sdcard)
* CM Settings performance menu for CPU Overclocking
* CM Settings display menu for Ultra brightness.


* SemcHome will not load shortcuts of apps on sd.
* Camera set on VGA for Pictures, low for Camcorder


How to install:
* Download ROM, flash with xrecovery.

ROM will automatically do the full wipe. Please backup your data before installing this ROM.

installation thread here

– Master Shpit
– xda development
– Group Facebook X8 Indonesia
– Dev’s x8 on xda (Racht, Jerpelea, Doixanh, NobodyAtall)
– Dev’s MIU

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