3 responses to “Any requests or suggestions

  1. I don’t know if you could add a poll?

    There seem to be a number of roms out there now and would be good to know what people are running and what the user experiences are.

    I’m running miniCM on my mini pro but find that a number of things (like the dial pad) don’t fit on the LDPI screen; I’d like to change ROMs to find a better ‘fit’ but want to use the phone and not try them all out first.

  2. Another suggestion would be to have a wish list.

    For example I would like:
    – A pure cyanogenmod rom. I.e. As close to a pure bug free cyanogenmod experience on the mini(s), obviously including any device specific tweaks such as input methods etc. I don’t know why people mess with the fine look and feel of CM or stock Android.
    – An (un)official Xperia rom. I.e. For it to feel like Sony released an update for the mini(s). Obviously without crap like Peggle…
    – Cooks/devs to stop adding junk to their roms, one of the major features of android is the market so I wish devs would keep their roms clean; there’s no need to bundle apps, it can be as bad as the SE stock firmware sometimes…

  3. I agree. Constant posts about new roms are of little use. Daily rom round ups or major milestones only would be much more useful. I thought the previous frequency od updates was just right.

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