miui themed cm6 rom for mini

    • This rom is not MIUI but is a CyanogenMod 6 rom customized to look like MIUI!!!
  • You must have se new firmware 2.1.1.A.0.6 or 2.1.1.C.0.0 to flash this ROM!
  • This rom is based on MiniCm6 1.0.2 of Nobodyatall!
  • Very stable froyo rom for x10 mini!!!


  • Miui Camera
  • Miui Music
  • Wifi
  • Video recording (640×480)
  • Audio Recording
  • Touchwiz Moded Launcher
  • Xperia Arc launcher fixed (accessible dock bar)
  • Torch
  • Miui Theme
  • Bluetooth
  • Fm Radio (Fixed on/off corner button)
  • Audio Mixer
  • Offline Charging
  • SE Stock Keyboard
  • Headjack detection
  • Sensors
  • GPS
  • Compass
  • Vibration
  • Reboot into CWM Recovery from OS
  • Dual Touch (2 finger support)(game mode)
  • Froyo App2sd native
  • File Manager
  • GMaps
  • New app icons (Miui style)
  • Miui dialer, contacts, sms style (go conatcts, go sms pro)
  • Miui Bootanimation
  • Overclock
  • Mddi Lag fix
  • Undervolt
  • Miui Lock Screen (Widget Locker)
  • New Market 3.0.26
  • Transparent Statusbar
  • Transparent Settings,Calculator,Callendar

What works:

  • Everything


  • Miui camera support only english language (if you change the language of your phone the menu of miui camera will be in chinese)

Instalation Guide:

  • Download Srom-FroyoMiui-vX
  • Copy it to the sdcard of your phone
  • Reboot into CWM Recovery
  • Instal custom zip
  • Choose custom zip from sdcard
  • Srom-FroyoMiui-vX
  • Yes
  • Factory Reset (Full wipe) (No need to do this if you are running Srom or minicm)
  • Reboot
  • Done!!!



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