Andread 2.2.9 Pro v7f for mini pro

installation thred click here

– Native Browser ready for flash (you only install this apk)
– Mymp3
– Radio
– Undervolt
– Overclock 710Mhz
– VM 64mb
– sd cache 4096
– app2sd ready
– Photo 5Mpx
– Video 640×480
– 4 corner SE Home style or Se Arc home style with home selector
– Ghost Commander for file manager (root option also included)
– rooted
– Quickpic
– Realcalc
– Tubemate
– Voice search
– Xperia timer
– Xperia Chrono
– Note 2 Self
– Facebooktouch
– advanced task killer
– terminal emulator
– Advanced widget clock and SE widget clock
– flash lite included
– adobe flash 10 ready
– cwm

– insert original SE bootanimation
– insert new tubemate for youtube video
– new radio software and voice search
– insert old market (IMHO it is better for small screen)
– new video player more lite and faster
– ghostcommander
– other minor stuff…

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