[ROM][update.zip] Gingerbread “ROM” for X10 Mini Pro 2.0.2.A.0.24 v3 – DEV OVER

Update contains:
– removed unuseful application (list of installed application in screens above)
– modify theme based on Gingerbread Nexus S by shivenjuneja – different battery indicator, redesign and fix bugs in some statusbar icons
– Xperia bootanimation by ozzy1212
– Gingerbread icon skins for system applications
– included Root, xRecovery – not APP2SD (script for apply APP2SD is here)
– added AccountAndSyncSettings.apk, which is missing in update.zip in DaRk_dOg´s post
– basic launcher is Launcher Pro

Same as version1 with some changes:
– removed SonyEricsson Sync, SE Video and some unnecessary garbage 
– added 3D Gallery, Gingerbread wallpaper
– JIT support!

Same as version2 with some changes:
– fixed bad icons in landscape screenlock
– zipalign all preinstalled app
– Dalvik WM heapsize: 32
– old settings with white icons
– added hosts table

Linpack benchmark about 7,5 MFLOPS, free internal space +-170 MB

Download v3 here (fix2)

Screen version3:

Install via xRecovery – install custom.zip, full wipe before apply update.zip.

Install step by step
– you must preinstalled 2.0.2.A.0.24 firmware
– dowload zip and put to sdcard
– reboot to xRecovery
– Factory reset – you lost all yours data!
– Install custom zip -> Choose custon zip from sdcard
– find downloaded zip and apply
– reboot and enjoy!

Install for users older version Gingerbread “ROM”
– reboot to xRecovery
– Install custom zip -> Choose custon zip from sdcard
– your settings and user data will be maintained

Install from older firmware then 2.0.A.0.504
– use instruction from DaRk_dOg´s post with update.zip from this topic (name of downloaded file rename to update.zip)

Know bugs
– unfunction AVRCP

Please create xrecovery backup before apply update.zip.

4 responses to “[ROM][update.zip] Gingerbread “ROM” for X10 Mini Pro 2.0.2.A.0.24 v3 – DEV OVER

  1. Some of the issues after installing this ROM
    1) When i open Android Market and in menu i clicked “Help” it shows some message, exists Android Market and goes back to home screen. It happens so fast that i am not able to read the error message. Its kind of application crashed message.

    2) Same thing happens when i select “Buy LauncherPro Plus” by clicking Menu >Preferences on home screen.

    3) My service provider sent me GPRS settings but i didnt see any notification to install the settings. I had to manually configure the APN settings to enable it.

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