8 responses to “Suggestions

  1. please make an own rss-feed for every mobile (mini, mini pro and x8) and other news. i don’t need news about the mini pro or the x8

  2. First a big THANX for your Blog! It saves me a lot of time.
    Especially the list of available ROMs is a great idea.

    But please always post a link to the original thread @xda. I prefer to read the latest forum posts @ xda before updating (in case new bugs were introduced in the last Update).

    Could you also add the developers name of the ROM to your Blog posts, since most Forum posts just refer to something like “hey, try slades ROM” – and I’m never shure what they are talking about. You would do me a great favour.

    The names of the xda threads are (in my opinion) more confusing than clearifying. Trying to follow them without mixing them up is not easy. Maybe you could add nicknames to the ROMs to keep them apart in your Blog.

    Another big bonus would be a comparison of the different roms:
    – uses CM6 (latest / stable) or CM7 (latest / stable)
    – is based on the ROM “xyz” but with(out) features like…
    – focus is on stability / focus is on new features

    I know its not an easy task, since even most developers don’t state that clearly. But maybe you have some practical experiance to help out, here.
    Anything that helps making a decision about my next ROM is very much appreciated.
    Anything that goes beyond stating the changelog (like bringing the ROMS in relation to each other) would be awsome.

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